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It is well documented that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs have an enormous impact on our physical well-being. In other words - the mindbody connection is much more powerful than we could have imagined. According to the latest studies, letting go of past resentments can lower your blood pressure, writing about traumatic events can alleviate physical symptoms of chronic pain, and your personal beliefs about stress have a direct impact on your mortality (yes, you read that right).

Migraines are no exception to this phenomenon. There is clinical evidence that the degree of migraine disability is correlated with our attitudes and feelings about the migraines themselves. Feelings of fear and avoidance play a huge role as well, leading to increased migraine frequency and decreased quality of life for many migraine sufferers. All the while, attempts to find long-term relief through medication can lead to medication overuse and actually increase frequency of migraine attacks.

Regardless of the impact that our emotions have on migraines, this is not a “chosen affliction” - it’s a direct result of the way the brain has wired itself over time. Initial attacks may result from any combination of environmental and genetic factors that cause the nervous system to become particularly sensitive to certain stimuli. There is substantial evidence that individuals who experience adverse childhood events (such as neglect, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse) are significantly more likely to develop migraine later in life. This suggests, at minimum, that our genes and nervous systems are stamping in a painful wiring pattern at a very young age. Over time, these patterns become ingrained in the nervous system as migraine attacks slowly rewire the brain to perpetuate this feeling of pain.

The good news? This neurological sensitization to pain can be undone, in whole or in part, through education and exercises that help the brain to let go of past stressors and learn new, less painful neurological patterns. The Curable program harnesses the benefits of multiple mindbody approaches that have been proven to reduce migraine frequency and intensity - like meditation, CBT, and mindfulness-based stress reduction - to help you find lasting, life-changing relief. But you don’t have to take our word for it… read on for incredible stories of recovery from chronic migraine using the Curable app and its unique mindbody approach.

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Recovery Stories

Hear the full story from these migraineurs in remission, and learn how they did it.

These migraine sufferers dealt with the pain for years and years, until they tried something different. They started learning about the mindbody approach and working through the emotional components of their pain. Now they can't stop talking about how life-changing the approach has been!

Susan vs. Migraine: One Woman’s Life-Changing Journey With the Curable App

San Francisco attorney Susan Brown battled migraines since junior high. After countless rounds of face treatments, a weeklong inpatient hospital stay, nerve blocks, triptans, and just about every other migraine treatment on the market, she had given up hope that anything would work for her. Then one day, during an intense Googling session, she found her way to Curable.

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Supercharged Wellness: Treating the Physical, Mental & Emotional

As a physical therapist and yoga therapist, Katie Estridge has always been interested in treating her patients as whole-minded individuals. Though her techniques have helped many to live a better life, she’s only recently discovered the missing piece in her own struggle with chronic migraine: the ability to connect her lifelong grief and long-forgotten emotions with the pain. Katie shares what she’s learned from working with the Curable app.

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