About Curable

Why We Exist

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain - a number that’s growing at alarming rates. As the incidence of chronic pain grows, so does the number of opioid prescriptions, surgeries, and visits to the doctor’s office. The annual economic cost of chronic pain is estimated at $600B, and the impact on the individual is just as severe. On average, chronic pain sufferers earn 37% less income, are more prone to depression and opioid addiction, and are 4X as likely to commit suicide.

At Curable, we have each experienced years of chronic pain ourselves. But unlike most chronic pain sufferers, we were lucky enough to stumble across the most effective, low-risk treatment option available: the mindbody approach. The mindbody approach has given us lasting freedom from the largest problem in our lives. Now, using our expertise in technology and content creation, we have designed a program that we hope will help thousands more find that same freedom.

We are in an exciting moment in the healthcare industry - one where doctors, patients, and technology are all aligning to make treatment more effective and customized than ever before. We are excited to be a part of this movement, and will work to move the standard of care forward for everyone.

Meet The Team

John Gribbin


Seasoned startup founder cured from 15 years of lower back pain. Now he can keep up with his two active kids.

Erich Luedtke Head of Technology

Erich Luedtke

Head of Tech

Web pioneer and tech innovator since the 80s, cured from 8 years of chronic hand pain. Now his pain no longer keeps him from building the future.

Laura Seago Head of Content and Marketing

Laura Seago

Head of Content

Content and marketing expert, cured from 5 years of migraines, sciatica, and knee pain. Now running, spinning, and jumping for joy on a daily basis.

Dr John Stracks of Northwestern University Hospital

Dr. John Stracks

Medical Advisor

Trusted physician and mindbody specialist, cured from his own chronic pain. Now living pain free, and helping patients do the same.

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