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Curable is based on a "biopsychosocial" approach to chronic pain relief. We built our program on the same principles and techniques that have shown significant results across clinical studies. These methods are used by leading physicians, specialists, and psychologists at institutions like Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Northwestern, and NYU - many of whom helped us to build the Curable program.

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Biopsychosocial = mindbody medicine

The biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain  treats a person’s mind and body as a single, cohesive unit. What happens in the body affects our thoughts, feelings, and mental patterns. Likewise, what happens in the mind can manifest into physical symptoms in the body. Think about how your nerves can make you blush, or a stressful day at work can trigger a headache.
The human brain is where everything connects. The same regions responsible for activating our pain pathways are also responsible for emotional and psychological processing. It’s impossible to separate the two, or eliminate one without addressing the other. The Curable approach is so effective because it’s designed to identify and break recurring pain patterns from every angle: physical, emotional, and psychological.


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Every pain sufferer has a unique story, and we believe that tailoring the experience to the individual will lead to faster relief than ever before. Curable’s proprietary technology was developed specifically for this approach, and provides a level of guidance previously limited to a specialist's office.

On a larger scale, we believe in the importance of using technology to improve the quality of care for chronic pain. Over time, we hope to use research studies, machine learning, and constant loop of feedback to get one step closer to the answers the world has been waiting for.

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