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How do I subscribe if I already have the app?

To access the full Curable program, you must purchase a subscription or be enrolled in Curable Groups. This process must be completed on your desktop or mobile browser. Click here to log in using your existing username and password, and to update your subscription preferences.

What are Curable Groups?

Curable Groups are powerful support group workshops designed to help you break past the most challenging hurdles of chronic pain recovery in an expertly facilitated, peer-supported setting. You can can learn more about Curable Groups here.

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Pain Science Lessons

Learn how various biological, psychological, emotional, and lifestyle factors may be contributing to your real, physical pain.

Only a sample of lessons available

Sample Exercises

Get a feel for the types of exercises included in the full Curable program.

Healing Stories

Hear how real people have found relief using Curable’s approach.

Expert Interviews

Hear from top researchers, best-selling authors, and field experts about the astonishing ways the brain can affect the body.

The Full Program

Our entire growing library of over 100 guided exercises designed to help reverse the cycle of pain - including education, cognitive behavioral techniques, meditation, and writing.

Access to the Curable Community

Connect with other chronic pain sufferers around the world to encourage progress, and share questions and tips.

Curable Live

Access weekly live events in the app, featuring physician Q&As, expert lectures, guided meditations, and writing workshops

Program Customization

Your Curable smart coach, Clara, will design and adjust your program based your unique pain profile, needs, and experiences.

Panic Button

Manage acute flare ups with on-demand relief through breathing, visualization, brain training and meditation exercises.


Full Library of Exercises
Full Library of Pain Science Lessons
Access to the Curable Community
Program Customization for Your Pain Profile
Panic Button for Acute Flare-ups
Healing Stories
Expert Interviews
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Sample Exercises
Sample Pain Science Lessons
Healing Stories
Expert Interviews
Access to the Curable Community
Program Customization for Your Pain Profile
Panic Button for Acute Flare-ups
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What Does A Conscious Company Do With 11.99/m?

Provides an ad-free environment where the only focus is on your path to healing
Pays the bills without selling your personal information
Makes Curable accessible to you through any device, browser, or app store
Provides a studio and platform for multidisciplinary experts, physicians, and recovered patients to share their stories
Provides empathetic, human support and technical assistance
Continuously creates and updates the Curable curriculum to reflect the latest pain science and research
Donates to charitable organizations supporting the prevention and safe treatment of chronic pain
Supports research projects advancing the understanding and treatment of chronic pain
Keeps the Curable community active, supportive, and alive
"This app has been a game changer for my chronic migraines. I had tried chiropractor, acupuncture, organic diet, elimination diet, physical therapy, supplements, yoga, meditation and a lot more. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Rupa, Years of Migraine


Curable is the first app for chronic pain that provides the guidance, education, and tools to re-program your nerve pathways and reduce your pain.


Curable is built on the same mindbody principles and techniques that have shown significant results across clinical studies. These methods are used by leading physicians, neurologists, and psychologists at institutions like Northwestern and NYU - many of whom helped develop the Curable program.


Curable is one of the few chronic pain treatment approaches that does not produce harmful side effects, or require the use of medication. It uses holistic techniques like meditation, expressive writing, and brain training to reduce the impact of chronic pain.