Journey to Recovery

Hear from former chronic pain sufferers
cured from her chronic migraines via the mindbody method


"My pain was only becoming increasingly severe, chronic and debilitating, and now it's nearly gone. I've been able to do things that I didn't think I would ever be able to do, and live in a way that's not limited by both pain and fear. It has completely changed my life... I don't know how to say it other than it is a complete miracle"
Allison's life was changed by Curable


“Curable has truly changed my life... less than two months into my journey, I am virtually headache free and enjoying things that I thought I never would be able to do again."
Jill is a mother and writer that was cured of her migraines of over 30 year


“I can’t even begin to describe what a huge difference it has made in my life, and what it has opened up... the time, the energy, the freedom of mind. I just have this great clarity."


" I haven’t needed to use my meds in a month! I was shocked that Curable got rid of a nausea migraine."


“There’s no amount of money that I wouldn’t pay for this cure. I would pay everything I have, because finally, I found a cure. And that is worth so much, it’s almost priceless. I never had any hope that I would find that cure, and finally I have."
"This app has been a game changer for my chronic migraines. I had tried chiropractor, acupuncture, organic diet, elimination diet, physical therapy, supplements, yoga, meditation and a lot more. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Rupa, Years of Migraine

Healthcare Professionals

The Curable for Migraines Appstore App

"The approach Curable uses is the most effective treatment I have to offer patients with persistent pain."
- John Stracks, MD

"Curable is better by far than what people are going to get from the usual health care system."
- David Clarke, MD

"Curable is a fantastic online program."
- Alan Gordon, LCSW

"I'm a pain psychologist and have been working with chronic pain for 8 years. I'm excited to offer my patients this treatment!"
- Jennifer Huggins, PsyD

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