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Dr. David Clarke on How Bad Parenting Can Be the Cause of an Actual Pain in the Butt

Dr. David Clarke has spent his career helping people recover from mysterious aches and pains across their body. The diagnosis? “Stress Illness” - the body’s extreme physical reaction to emotional factors. 60% of the time, he says, the stress dates back to childhood, where parents have the opportunity to make or break a child’s chances of developing pain. Join us as Dr. Clarke shares some of his wildest stories, along with what he’s learned as a parent and how to avoid falling into the “tough love trap.” Listen to the full interview on iTunes (35 mins) | Or listen on Google Music

Dr. Clarke's interview marks the inaugural episode of "Like Mind, Like Body" - the new Curable podcast. Each week, we will interview top researchers, best-selling authors, and field experts about the astonishing ways the mind can affect the body.

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In the News

Is it time to replace medication with meditation? 🙏  A new study from the Univeristy of Utah found that single 15-minute session of a mind-body treatment reduced pain by roughly the same amount as 5 milligrams of oxycodone.

Full accountability: docs are being hit with murder charges in connection with opioid prescriptions in Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond.  💊

Chronic back pain, four surgeries, no relief. It's a tale we hear about every day.... most of us just don't have to deal with it while running a country. 🇺🇸 Apparently, JFK did.

Don't call yourself lazy! A new study show evidence that if you think you're less active than your peers, you might die sooner than them... whether you're actually less active or not.  😱

Curable is an official patient recruitment partner for a groundbreaking research study being conducted at CU Boulder. The study consists of two MRI scans 4-6 weeks apart on the CU Boulder campus, before and after treatment. Study participants will receive $12-$24 per hour for participation.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age 21-70
  • Back pain for the last 3 months or more
  • No metal in the body (for MRI safety)
  • No opioid use for more than 4 weeks in the past two years
  • Not pregnant due to unclear effects of MRI on a fetus
If your patient is interested in applying for the study, please contact

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