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Clearing the Path for the Mindbody Movement:
Q&A with David Schechter, MD

Even after decades of successfully using the mindbody approach in his practice, David Schechter knows that there is still a long way to go, and a lot at stake. "With the shift in healthcare, continued pressure on high cost/high risk procedures and medications, and the potential to leverage an educational/psychological approach with new technology, an important opportunity has arisen. We must take advantage of this opportunity…. what’s at stake after all is reducing pain, improving health, saving money, and transforming the patient-doctor relationship… that’s all!" Read the full interview here.

In the News

Virtual reality : The hottest new thing in gaming, tourism, and… pain management? Stanford’s Neurobehavioral and Virtual Reality clinics and laboratories are working to take pain visualizations to the next level , and seeing promising results. 🕶

We always knew that matters of the heart were connected to matters of the stomach ❤🍗  New research suggests a clear link between gut bacteria and emotional processing.

Should you be able to get CBT at your Primary Care Doc? Baylor College of Medicine thinks so. A recent study helps build a case for thinking about physical and emotion health in a more holistic manner by bringing mental health professionals directly into the physician’s office.

Adler Biopharmaceutical bet big on migraine drugs… and might lose  📉  Even though their drug showed statistically significant drop in episodic migraine frequency, the placebo effect was nearly as great. Chalk up another victory to the power of the mind.

Survey Says...

This month, we took a deep dive into how we’re doing, according to Curable users who have been in the program for 30+ days. The results are in, and so far, people are feeling...

  • Better educated: 88% say that they have deepened their understanding that stress or other psychological factors can contribute to physical pain since being introduced to Curable
  • More in control: 72% report feeling more control over, less anxiety about, and/or less fear around their physical pain then before being introduced to Curable
  • Physically relieved: 67% feel some degree of relief from their physical pain, with about 38% feeling “much better"
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Mindbody Community

Remembering Dr. Sarno: We lost one of the greatest thinkers in mindbody medicine, but his legacy lives on. Remember him by listening to the heartfelt, sincere energy of his commencement speech at his alma mater here.

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