9 Most Common Healing Obstacles

(...and some quick tips on how to get past them!)


Is your healing journey at a stand-still? If so, you are not alone. Setbacks can be frustrating, but with the right tools, they can offer an opportunity for even deeper growth and healing. Read on for the most common barriers to healing on some tips on busting through them.

1. Letting fear into the driver's seat

Without our awareness and action, the body is programmed to slip into survival mode much more often than necessary. Start to notice small warning signs in your body that your danger system has taken over, like sudden muscle tension or an elevated heart rate. When you realize that it's happening, take a deep breath and remind your brain that there is no real danger in the present moment.

2. Assuming you are "stuck" with your body's existing pain patterns

The experience of pain can alter the nervous system to be hypersensitive in a way that FEELS permanent (but it's not!). If you catch yourself spiraling into thoughts about a bleak, painful future, try shifting your brain's focus with interruption. Shake your body and consciously start thinking about another area of your life as quickly as you can so that your brain doesn't get caught in a downward spiral.

3. Trying to be the BEST at healing

Perfectionist much? If you find yourself binging Curable exercises, never cutting yourself any slack, and feeling pressure to heal overnight, you may need to give yourself a break. Healing is not a competition and treating it like one can lead to setbacks and feelings of inadequacy.

4. Accepting your inner critic's words as facts

Let's face it: the inner critic can be harsh! But its words can only hurt you if you believe them to be true. Next time your inner critic speaks up, look for words like "always" and "never" that tend to be exaggerations. See if you can fact-check your inner critic and rephrase the thought.

5. Not putting yourself on the list of people to take care of

Are you the one who is always digging friends and family members out of tough situations? Do you put 'healing time' last on your list, only to be completed once everyone else's needs are met? Try scheduling yourself an calendar appointment for 'healing time' in advance and working hard to protect that time for yourself.

6. Failing to examine your past because "you had it better than most" or "you've already done enough work there"

Until you've examined your past through the lens of your NERVOUS SYSTEM, you may not have done the work required to heal. Even in situations where you grew up in a loving family and everyone was doing their best, it's still important to understand the impact your environment and relationships had on forming your personal pain patterns.

7. Unconsciously hanging onto the "sunny side" of pain

For better or worse, chronic pain seeps into your identity as time goes by. Change is challenging, even when it it positive. By acknowledging the unexpected perks of chronic pain, it can be easier to leeave them behind once and for all.

8. Focusing on all work, no play

Think you can heal just by doing the hard work? Think again! This process is not just about eliminating old painful pathways in the nervous system, it's also about building new (more positive) pathways. Joy, play, and gratitude are not just FUN - they're essential to your recovery.

9. Not creating a plan for the future

Healing is a process! You can't just assume that once your symptoms disappear, they will be gone forever. Plan ahead, incorporate healing into your daily lifestyle, and set yourself up for lifetime success.

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