What New Year’s Resolutions Feel Like for Migraine Sufferers

On January 1st, most people have a resolution in mind… lose weight, eat healthy, spend more time with friends. But as the months roll by, the chances of reaching these goals become slimmer and slimmer, until before we know it... it’s January 1st again.

For some, breaking resolutions is a conscious choice. But for 30 million Americans, the biggest roadblock to changing their lives is one they can’t seem to control: their migraines. Let’s take a look at how the top three New Year’s resolutions feel to migraine sufferers.

Losing Weight

Sure, I’d love to go on a new diet or exercise regime! As long as they invent one that doesn’t seem to include all of my trigger foods. Or exercising more, which can be a trigger. Or eating less, which can also be a trigger. Or sticking to any kind of schedule... because let’s face it, my migraines are the ones running the schedule around here. So… got any ideas?

Spending More Time with Family & Friends

Yes! This is literally all I want to do. I feel like I’ve let my relationships slip ever since my migraines started getting bad… I’ve been cancelling plans left and right. So maybe I’ll just try and be social on the days when I don’t have a migraine! Oh, but wait… then I guess I won’t have time to do laundry, or clean the house, or shower. Which means I’d be pretty smelly and dirty while I’m out trying to socialize. Which probably means my friends won’t really wanna hang out with me, unless I get them noseplugs. Okay, so maybe this resolution isn’t going to work out as planned.

Spending Less Money

That would be so great… I have been meaning to save up for that trip to Europe for ages! Alright, let’s look at the budget… we’ve got rizatriptans pills at $30-a-pop, can’t get rid of those. Weekly chiropractic appointments, those seem to be helping a little, wouldn’t want to get rid of them. Those Botox injections that I still think are going to help one day, gotta stick it out and see. The monthly appointments with my neurologist… can’t cancel those. So I guess I’ll cut out…. groceries?

So what’s a migraineur to do?

Setting a New Year’s resolution to get rid of your migraines probably seems impossible. Insulting, even. Chances are you have gone to drastic measures to get rid of your migraines, and seen little or no success. Why would 2017 be any different?

I get it. I’ve been there. You might feel helpless and hopeless, but you are neither of those things. You are not a victim, you are a warrior. And that, my friends, is what should drive you in 2017.

This year, make a commitment to yourself. Promise that you will not let your pain define you. Promise that you will stay positive and open-minded. Promise to be gentle to yourself when you are in pain, and strong when you are losing faith. Promise that you won’t give up hope for recovery, because it is possible.

Before you commit to anything else, commit to yourself. Then, when you’re ready to take control, come into Curable and say hello. We’ll be waiting to guide you through a personalized journey that can yield results in as little as a month.

Cheers to 2017!

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