Your Pain is a Normal,
Human Response.

Please use these free science-based tools to help you work through flare-ups safely at home.

We're Here for You.

Health anxiety and physical symptom flare-ups are understandably at an all-time high. To support you during these difficult times, please enjoy:

  • Temporary free access to the suite of tools below to help you overcome flare-ups and keep health anxiety at bay
  • Temporary 50% markdown of the full Curable app healing program, featuring 100+ tools like these designed for taking control over pain

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Anxiety-Busting Exercises

Health Anxiety

An audio guide and writing exercise designed to help you release your health-related fears and give up late night "symptom Googling."

Let's Talk Through a Panic Attack

Use this on-demand SOS audio guide to work through a panic attack when it happens.

Calm a Flare-Up

"Control Room" Visualization

Imagine you are able to access your brain's control room and turn the pain dial down.

Identifying Emotions in a Flare-Up

Use this audio guide to work through strong emotions that often arise during a flare-up of pain.

Relax the Nervous System

Surrender Meditation

Free your body from the weight of what you cannot control.

Safe Place Visualization

Escape to a place where you feel wrapped in safety, both physically and mentally.

Learn About the Science of Pain

The Basic Neuroscience of Pain

Understand more about how pain works in the brain and body.

Pain Catastrophizing

Learn how your thoughts and feelings about pain can impact its persistence.

Please also note that we are temporarily dropping the price of the Curable app to the lowest we are able to, which is a 50% markdown.

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Curable's Approach to Healing

When pain persists, becoming “chronic,” it also becomes more complex. Modern pain research shows that psychological and emotional elements can play a major role. These non-physical components can help the brain “learn” to be in pain, re-wiring the body’s neural circuitry to perpetuate the sensation of pain.

With proper therapeutic attention the brain can "unlearn" pain, paving the way to physical pain relief. Research shows that methods like education, writing, meditation, visualization, and cognitive behavioral therapy can successfully help the brain to stop this recurring pain cycle.

Curable incorporates this modern research into easily accessible education and exercises that help you break the pain cycle and find relief from chronic pain.