Below are experiences that real pain sufferers are having with the Curable program. It's important to note that pain is unique to each person, so not everyone will experience identical results. Reviews are complied from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and surveys completed by Curable users.
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App Store Reviews

A powerful approach

"These concepts have the power to change pain by changing the brain’s response to it. It could turn the tide in the opioid crisis."

Life changing.

"Thank you Curable!"

Game-changer for pain management

"Curable has given me the knowledge and resources to be able to understand pain. I have a new relationship with my body and increased confidence, thanks to Curable."

Excellent App

"I suffer from Anxiety which has led to all sorts of weird and worrying pains all over my body. I’ve found this app useful to work on the pain but I’m also using it to help with the anxiety as a lot of the information can be applied to my anxious thoughts, I’ve subscribed for a year and have no doubt that my money has been well spent, Thank you Curable"

The app for healing persistent pain!

"I’ve been swimming around this great app and it has exactly what my patients need to heal from persistent pain. The curative factors involved is time tested (I use the very same strategies with my patients) and what a wonderful app to have everything at your fingertips— as if you have your own personal pain psychologist. :-) I’m giving my stamp of approval as a pain psychologist of 15 years. I highly recommend it to everyone and you’ll save yourself great agony, time, and money! If you want to heal, stop looking elsewhere. This is it. This is the gold standard in an app for healing persistent pain."

A perfect little app

"If you have chronic pain and strongly believe that stress and emotional tension contribute to your pain then this perfect little app will really help. Designed to be really easy to use you can listen to scientific podcasts, brain training, meditations and complete written exercises. You need to really invest in using the app every day to get the most out of it and to help understand and reduce your pain. Give it a go. You have nothing to lose"

A great app

"There are a number of reasons I love this app. 1. Evidence-based. The developers have a team of knowledgeable medical doctors and PhDs behind it using what has been found in research to impact pain.2. User-friendly. Easy to navigate and it actually seems friendly as I “text” with Clara, the guide. 3. Not one size fits all. Each time you go to it you choose the type of exercise you will do. The app takes your feedback of what you like and the problems you are working on when it gives recommendations. 4. Panic mode - despite our preventative efforts we will all sometimes find ourselves in pain and the app helps you. 5. It is working for me, I’m seeing reductions in the duration and intensity of my pain, sometimes I am able to reverse my pain.It’s not a miracle. It’s what is known about human neurology put to work. And the users have to apply themselves."

A way to greatly reduce pain and feel connected

"I was able to achieve about a 50% reduction in chronic pain symptoms from the app. More importantly than the app is the closed Facebook community of sharing and support. The group shares invaluable resources with one another. So glad to see hope for mind and body symptoms!"

Great Great Great

"I love this app. I use it any time I can't feel anything except for my chronic pain, which tends to be often. All I can suggest is during the meditations sometimes she scares the bajesus out of me. Like I will be in the zone and then I swear I get a mini heart attack. This usually happens when there's a long pause and then she comes back in to give more wisdom. However it goes away fast and must make me tired because I usually fall right asleep. lol. Okay well love this app."

Chronic migraines gone

"I was on the verge of quitting my job and already taken a 3 month leave of absence due to chronic migraines. Even on days I didn’t have headaches I couldn’t exercise because of sciatic nerve pain. After 6 weeks of using curable, pain was no longer chronic and in the last 6 months I’ve only had 2 migraines - less than I’ve had in 5 years. When I do get flare ups, I now have tools to prevent the pain from escalating. I’m also back to regular exercise. This approach to chronic pain honestly gave me my life back.. very grateful to the curable family and community of support that came with it."

I no longer say I have occipital neuralgia.

"I think I’ve left a review before but I just have to come back and say that Curable has helped me so much that I no longer refer to my most recent diagnosis of two years ago. The writing has helped me the most, followed by the guided visualizations and meditations... and the podcasts and brain training are awesome as well. I cannot thank you enough for the work that you have done through this app to empower people to be able to control and back off their pain. My understanding of pain and its emotional components has been life changing. For those who are skeptical, you just have to try it. No, it is not a quick fix, and I am a person who felt like I had done most of my emotional and psychological work (as I am a trauma therapist). But the cumulative stressors of our lives build up in our bodies and can create real pain, and until we go through and do the fundamental work, that pain compounds and confounds medical intervention. I had tried everything from medications to massage to chiropractic to steroid injections, and spent hundreds of dollars a month to no avail. Curable has been the key to recovery for me."

My migraines aren’t in control anymore

"I had to write another review just to share how much progress I’ve seen! I’ve been taking it very slow with this app, and have been targeting one symptom at a time to see how it helps. The things I’ve learned and applied have made a life changing difference in my migraines. It’s cut down my head pain by 85% so far. When they do occur I’m able to stop them from getting worse and continuing on for 3 days making me cancel all plans and lay in a dark room. Once I feel one coming on, I put into practice what I’ve learned and within a few hours it dies down and disappears. It DISAPPEARS!!! I know I couldn’t believe it either. Science is awesome. I’m excited to learn more and apply these concepts to my other issues like ibs, acne, and tmj. Thank you curable, for helping me more than any doctor or medication ever could."

Amazing App!

"This app goes beyond what I expected it up do. It gets to the root cause of my pain. It’s teaching me so much about my mind/body connection. I absolutely love how user friendly it is and how I have support 24/7. Do yourself a huge favor and get this app. You will be very glad that you did."

I love this app so much, I recommend it to my counseling clients!

"I found this app while searching for solutions to help with my migraines. As soon as I tried it, I knew this was the right solution for me. I absolutely love the app - it’s interesting, educational and a pleasure to use - plus I started experiencing pain diminishment almost immediately. I am a mental health counselor in training, and I’ve begun recommending the app to my clients - so far they love it too! It’s a user-friendly portal into a life-changing mindset shift. Totally worth paying for the full version - I am so glad I did!"

Curable app has helped my fibromyalgia pain!

"I was familiar with Dr. Sarno’s work on pain and was in the throes of fibromyalgia pain when I came across this app on FB. My pain is much reduced - I take ibuprofen at most once a day and sometimes less often. I can sleep at night without pain and I’m about to start going to the gym again. This app is worth checking out if you struggle to make it through the day because of pain even if you are also taking medication. It addresses the brains role in pain and can help you in managing it."

A fantastic resource

"As a psychologist and someone who has been lived with fybromyalgia for 18 years, I have found this app remarkable both personally and professionally. This app offers the latest research in a very accessible way, which has benefited many of my clients and the clinicians I supervise, and assisted them to minimise the impact of chronic pain. However it is my personal experience of the app, the exercises, resources, and the intelligent and compassionate way the skills are taught that has made a huge impact on my life. I am pain free and experiencing more energy and engagement life than I have had in over 8 years! I recommend it wholeheartedly. Dr Larisa Bardsley."

Changing my life!

"Great for any chronic pain sufferers looking for an alternative way to treat pain. This program/app has opened a whole new world for me, in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use way. Regardless of what happens to my pain (which I’m confident won’t be around for much longer), the rest of my life will be better having had Curable in it. Highly recommend - you won’t regret it."


"I’ve been using Curable for a few months now. I have a chronic pain condition from botched hernia surgery that caused severe nerve damage. I’ve also developed a heart condition and cancer that I’m sure the pain and chronic sleep deprivation and stress did not help. Out of desperation I started using the app to learn as much as I could to at least dial down the pain and maybe improve my sleep. There hadn’t been much change with my pain level yet but my sleep has improved dramatically and that’s huge! I feel calmer and much more in control of the pain, which is reducing my perception of stress. I am steadily building a repertoire of things to do that help me when I feel overwhelmed."

Excellent app!

"I’ve referred several Of my clients who deal with chronic pain and they have greatly benefited from this app."

My RSI is gone

"2 years ago, I was diagnosed with repetitive stress injury in my arms, supposedly from typing too much at work. I dutifully did all the exercises my physical therapist prescribed, used a keystroke tracker so I wouldn’t type too much, and stopped playing piano (my favorite hobby). But still the arm pain persisted, even after taking a 2 month break from work. Some days I had to ice my arms to be able to type anything at all. After 6 months of using Curable, my arm pain is 99% gone. I type and play piano as much as I want. I would not have believed this if it hadn’t happened to me. Not only is my pain gone, but I am better at coping with life and daily stresses. My overall stress level has gone down and I am a happier and calmer person. Curable teaches you practical tools to deal with pain and stress. If you have chronic pain that doesn’t completely make sense or hasn’t responded to conventional treatments, please try Curable. It sounds too good to be true, but Curable’s methods are all backed by science. My life and my relationship to pain and stress has completely changed for the better - I cannot recommend Curable highly enough."

An excellent tool to address anxiety due to chronic pain

"And with that reduction I have seen a reduction in The level of pain I’m experiencing. I like the ease of using the tool as well as the fact that the founders are all experienced with chronic pain themselves. They are very receptive to receiving comments positive or not and responsive on that I’ve seen improvements based on those comments."


"That’s the only way I can describe it. Yes, an APP has changed my life. Learning about the science of pain and mindbody medicine and chronic pain management techniques has completely transformed my life of 20+ years of migraines. It’s a not an cure-all panacea (“recovery is not a straight line”) and you have to commit to digging deep, but keep coming back. After hitting migraine rock bottom 3 months ago, I turned to Curable because “why not?” As my skeptical neurologist said, “Well it’s very low intervention so you may as well try it...”. I had low expectations but experienced monumental results almost instantly. Curable has completely redefined my relationship to my headaches. For me, a life saver."

I feel so much better!!

"For years I’ve been getting migraines several times a month, now not at all, and I can even drink red wine!!! I got the app for elbow pain and that’s getting better too. I have read many of the books by Doctors who explain how this system works, but with the app you are given ways to practice everyday, it’s so user friendly and something to look forward to doing daily."

Life changing

"I’ve tried several medications to prevent migraines without relief. Curable has significantly decreased my migraine days per month and given me such great insight and tools."


"This app has made me feel like I have power over my pain and symptoms rather than the opposite! Love it and look forward to more growth and learning!"

Wealth - Wealth of Immeasurable..... Education -Knowledge-Guidance

"Thank you for this invaluable app- I am learning so much and so appreciate this is available*"

Really, truly helps!

"I’m a total skeptic of anything that smells like it’s too good to be true, but I assure you, this app is the real deal. That said, it’s not a silver bullet so, if you’re not willing to put a good deal of time and work into your own healing process, then don’t bother downloading Curable. It’s not magic. But it is an incredibly well researched and developed tool to help you, me, and thousands of others suffering from various kinds of chronic pain reduce the pain and even get rid of it entirely. (Note: I nearly gave it 4 stars bc I’m not a fan of the cutsey emojis, but I realize that other people may appreciate the levity. It’s not that big a deal and certainly doesn’t get in the way.)"

3 years of neck pain

"I was 2 months into studying the mind body connection to my long painful journey of neck pain that ended up with cervical disc replacement. The surgery fixed my left arm nerve pain and loss of function but 6 weeks post op the intense neck pain became debilitating, knowing there was nothing structurally wrong I embarked on the most amazing journey of healing. Although not linear, the curable app has given me the daily structure to apply to the healing process. I don’t have to fix it myself, particularly early on it gave me a format to work through. I have shared this with my physical therapist as he has been instrumental in my healing. I use curable several times a day. Thank you for putting everything everything a patient needs in one place! Got my life back, running, swimming and full of life again. As my husband says “ welcome back to life, we missed you!”"

Definitely Worth Trying!

"This app synthesizes the best practices in mind-body pain control, drawing on the most experienced practitioners in the field. Using the step-by-step activities in expressive writing, mindful meditation, and helpful advice, Curable provides an effective roadmap out of chronic pain. The lessons are backed up with successful recovery stories as well as interviews with experts in Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) pain. I find the Clara bot a little clunky, but I'm kind of old-school when it comes to technological interfaces! Well worth the free trial they offer to see if this approach can get you out of your chronic pain. It certainly has for me."


"Within a relatively short period of time working with Curable, I have drastically reduced full-body nerve pain symptoms, particularly in my hands, that have mystified doctors for months. It sounds unbelievable, but the science is sound and these methods are absolutely worth a shot if you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain of any kind. I recommend skeptics listen to a few of the podcast episodes (particularly the one with Alan Gordon) if they’re unsure whether their symptoms can be helped through cognitive work of this kind. The app is subscription-based, but it’s helped me more than all the other treatments I’ve tried—COMBINED. The price is pennies compared to the good it’s done for me and so many others. The developers have their hearts in the right place and know exactly what it’s like to live in pain. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I can’t stand placing my hope in another bust treatment idea”, please just give Cureable a shot—it may turn out to be exactly what you need. Cheers!"

A Must for Chronic Pain Sufferers

"I’ve been dealing with chronic pelvic pain for 15 years. 15 surgeries, accupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, physical therapy, too many drugs to count ... nothing helped. I’ve literally spent years in bed; lost my career, family, friends... And THIS has worked. I’ve reduced medications by 30% in less than a month & for the first time have hope of regaining a life. Cannot day enough for this philosophy and practical help offered by this site."

A Constant Companion

"I was diagnosed with central sensitization earlier in 2018, following surgery for an injury. Something I’ve realized on this journey to recovery is the need for constant encouragement and reminders of hope. It’s truly something that requires support to get over. Many practitioners don’t understand or don’t want to invest the time it would take to be that for each patient. This app has been that support in a lot of ways. It’s a place to get back to regain control and helpful reminders that I am ok. That, paired with actual doctors and clinicians reinforcing the science of the app, have helped calm my nervous system enough to really lean into the “treatment” plan outlined in the app. It takes time, but it is 1000% worth it. Thank you, Curable. You’re really breaking stigmas and hopelessness surrounding persistent pain."

I’ve been given hope!

"I’ve just started using the app but I’ve already had a huge “aha!!” Moment that will make and is making a huge difference. I’ve already walked farther than I have for years and with no pain. I science is amazing and what they are doing is going to help so many people. Thank you!"

Worth the effort 5

"After 20 years with ME/CFS and 10 years of chronic neck and back pain, I finally feel some improvement. I’ve been using the app for a month now and definitely notice lessening of various symptoms. It takes effort and willingness to go deep into yourself and really examine and release unnecessary patterns (emotional and physical). There is only upside potential if you’re willing to put in the effort. Highly recommend for anyone with pain, anxiety or any chronic unexplained physical symptoms."

Extremely happy the day I found YOU!

"I am just gonna say I have started using and it is very remarkable that I have the way to become well in my reach! It’s already been very good for me and I have so much more to accomplish, but I can say I am on my way to being myself again. Thank you!"

Walks you through it all

"I had read some of the mind body books out there, but only once I started using the Curable app did I make progress in resolving my migraines. I have felt so much stronger since going through the exercises. They are just the right length to do every day— plus they make it enjoyable. You owe it to yourself to at least try it— all you have to lose is pain’s hold on your life."


"Fantastic CBT-based app for those who struggle with chronic pain or functional illness. I’ve been using it to help my IBS. I love the science lessons and meditations."

So Far...WOW!!!

"I’ve only had this app for a short time, and already I have learned so much about pain - the different types of pain, how we tend to amplify it through fear, anticipation and panic...But most important, I am learning how we all possess the ability to take control of our pain and even eliminate it. The tools and activities that are provided in the app are so productive, and already I have felt an improvement in my ability to calm myself down in the presence of pain. I’m looking forward to working my way through the many exercises and podcasts available in the app, in anticipation of taking even greater control of my pain. Also, the voice in the guided meditations is so pleasant and calming, something that is very important when trying to reach a state of relaxation. Thank you to all of the developers who created this app, it is empowering and so far, very helpful. If you are a chronic pain sufferer, fear your pain and want to take control of it, then this app is for you. You won’t be disappointed!"

Great evidence based tool !

"The mind body connection is so important to understanding why we have pain and how to cope with it. I am so impressed with the cofounder’s courageous journey to help themselves heal and share this with the world. This app is the future of pain management and takes you through an in-depth journey of understanding how we can help ourselves. The knowledge shared in this app goes far beyond what over a decade of doctors office visits provided me. It’s well worth the small fee considering the value you can gain having a tool like this to work with…"

Life saving

"I’m not sure if I would have tried this app if I hadn’t been desperate, but I’m so glad I did. The lessons are curated wonderfully and explain scientific aspects clearly. I have been using the app for a few months now and have seen a remarkable change in my chronic migraines. While I wouldn’t say I’m cured, I think I’m headed in that direction, and I am so thankful."

This app saved my life

"I stumbled upon this app at the lowest point in my life (about two weeks after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia), and it changed everything for me. I had lost my job I had spent my whole life working towards and the ability to do any of the hobbies that made me happy outside of work. I can’t recommend this app enough. I have my job back. I have my life back. I am in better health physically and mentally than I have ever been before. It has completely changed the trajectory of my life and what I believe I can accomplish now that I don’t have the fear of chronic pain looming over me. Please, please, please give this app a try. I still have a monthly subscription even though I don’t need the app anymore. I do it simply to support this company that did so much for me. I promise it is worth every penny and more."

Changed our lives 5++++ stars

"My 17 year old daughter has suffered from chronic pain her whole life, but 2 years ago she got caught in a pain cycle that she just couldn’t get out of. We tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING...multiple medications, 2 surgeries, IV infusions, holistic approach, acupuncture, meditation, special dentistry, allergy shots, and more. I literally can’t count the number of doctors visits we went to with little to no relief. She had to go on independent study her entire sophomore year of high school and would only come out of her room for 30 minutes at a time because of her constant, extreme pain. Then one day a family member who knew our story sent us a link to Curable.

I sat in bed and cried when I read the stories that we so similar to my daughters. I started listening, and the Pain-fear cycle resonated so closely to how I know she felt. The biggest obstacle was giving her, yet another, possible solution to her pain. Hope is a very dangerous thing and we were both very wary, but she started listening and she agreed to try it. It wasn’t an immediate solution, but slowly but surely she began to gain control. She started to understand what triggered her headaches and made changes to her thought process about the pain.

Fast forward to 1 year of Curable and I can truly say, LIFE CHANGING!!! She finished her junior year, learning to manage stress and pain and the highlight was that she went on a school trip to Iceland at the beginning of the summer (yes this is the girl who couldn’t come out of her room for more than 30 minutes). She hit the Panic button when she found out her hotel didn’t have darkening shades, which got her through!

I am so grateful for Curable. I am an ER nurse, and so I take care of people in pain for a living. The opioid crisis is so very real and destructive and I watch it everyday. I regularly add information about the Curable App to people’s discharge paperwork explaining the benefits and how it helped my daughter. Thank you for making this app so accessible and I will continue to recommend it to anyone in chronic pain"

So far, awesome!

"I’ve only been using this app for a week and a half, but after using it every day I have already worked through some feelings that may possibly be playing a role in my migraines. This app is centered around what research has uncovered about the brain. I purchased this app specifically to learn to retrain my brain from thinking it needs to be in a chronic state of migraines. What I didn’t expect was how much it helps work through some tough emotions that also my be at the root of the pain. For as much as I invest in medications for my illness, the price for this app was nothing in comparison. "

Life Changer

"Finding Curable has changed my life. I’m not cured...yet. But I see improvement every day. Curable has opened up a whole new world for me and I’m forever in its debt."

So helpful

"There is so much in this app. Very much worth the subscription price to try all the variety of mindfulness, guided imagery and writing exercises. This has helped my chronic tension headaches."

Definitely worth the price

"Since the price of the subscription is about the same as a visit to the chiropractor, I figured, “Why not?” I love all the neuroscience education. The most valuable lesson has been how to stop a twinge of pain from escalating into a major episode."

Thank you!

"I am in love with the app and the podcast and love listening to the visualizations over and over. Laura’s voice is wonderfully soothing and the app provides action steps for those who need additional help outside of the Sarno books. Thanks Curable for filling this gap in the world of TMS ed!"

Learning to let go!

"I’ve had a roller coastal ride trying to find someone who could tell me why I hurt everywhere in my body. I’ve met with more than 15 specialists and they kept telling me, “everything is normal”. Pretty upsetting I’ll tell you when your experiencing crucial pain!

Anyway I met a young intern at a hospital and while he was taking my history, he asked “do you have anxiety and chronic pain?” I told him I couldn’t find anyone who could help me. This young intern told me about a doctor who specializes in Tension Myositis Syndrome. I became so excited that finally I’ll have a doctor who would understand what I’m telling her without feeling like I’m crazy. She recommended Curable to me and said it would help me. The first time I did an in depth meditation I ended up crying. The relief I felt was like walking on a cloud.

This app it well worth the money it cost. Beside, you’re investing in you. What could be better than living free of pain?"

Something is happening right away

"I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks but my relationship to pain feels markedly different and better."

Incredible customer service

"While this was not for me, I have to say the folks behind this app are as good as their word. I received a prompt refund with only one email. How refreshing! So, if you’re at all vacillating on whether or not to give this method a try, feel free to opt in with the realization you really CAN get the 30 day refund if you’re not happy. According to reviews, it’s helped many and maybe you can be one of them as well."

Helpful for the those suffering from chronic pain

"This app is a great tool to help you stop fearing your chronic pain and to eventually have some control of it. Nothing worked for me until I came across this idea that pain was in a sense an escape mechanism. Physical pain helps you avoid painful or difficult emotions. By addressing those feelings you can learn control over the physical pain."

It’s been very helpful

"I suffer from chronic pain and an autoimmune disease. I’ve tried so many things to manage the physical and psychological toll it takes. As a mental health therapist myself, I know a lot of these techniques and understand how they work. I have to say that the combination of using this app followed by a session with my own therapist made a huge difference in my life and well-being. I don’t think I would have gotten there without first using this app. Thanks, Curable Crew!"

I love this app!

"Within the first twenty four hours after just listening to the information I have had about an eighty percent decrease in the chronic pain in my low back, leg, and foot pain. I have had this pain for eleven yrs and tried everything I could afford! I’ve studied Dr. Sarno and read Steve Ozanich book which were super helpful, this app took me to a new level. I’m so grateful and relieved! Thank you for the great tech support too!jQuery21106772895134913399_1548447699955"

Improvements in a Short Time

"The Curable app has helped me so much already in the short time that I have used it! I suffer with chronic pelvic pain from endometriosis. The writing exercises, guided meditations, and education on pain have helped me manage my pain in a way that I have been unable to previously. I am a psychotherapist and have been recommending this app to my clients as an adjunct to treatment with me. Highly recommend this app."

Hope Returning.

"As a chronic migraine sufferer of ten years, I’m very glad to find this specific application of recognized tools directly to chronic pain sufferers’ concerns. Looking forward to finding the life-changing relief I’ve heard stories about in the app. It’s already happening after two days!"


"Real, genuine, and absolutely helpful program!!"

Changed the way I viewed my chronic back pain

"I had a back pain issue for over a year that Curable helped me totally reframe. I felt less scared and alone because of the new tools and approach to thinking about pain. It was totally different than any of my many doctors approaches and yet so true to my experience. I stopped being confused about the source (as in, specific physical injury) of the issue which got me on a path to healing. I’m not “miracle cured” by any means but I feel normal again and am even starting to exercise again. I feel confident that if the pain comes back I would be able to handle it. I highly recommend trying Curable. Plus it’s way cheaper than anything else you can do!!!"


"Can’t say enough about how helpful and worth it this is!! I’ve used the panic button practices several times to get through intense pain, and overall my pain is hugely decreasing. This app is such a life changer!"

Powerful knowledge, evidence-based therapy, good therapy

"This app requires a subscription to gain full access. If you suffer from chronic pain, think of the subscription as just one or two co-pays to see your doctor. The relief I felt came quickly. The rest of the techniques require some practice and introspection, but relief is available.

It’s all evidence-based education and techniques... no new age hokum here, just solid info and techniques from a neurological, muscular/skeletal, and psychological perspective.

If you’ve done psychotherapy or any kind of mindfulness practice before, you’ll probably recognize some of the techniques. But the way they put it all together just works. I’m only part way through the course and it’s already changed my daily relationship with my pain condition."

Love it

"Love this app. It’s so great when I’m discouraged and hurting to have a tool to guide me to a better place. Always been pretty anti-spending $ on apps, but this is worth it."

Actually Life Changing

"I’ve suffered with migraines for about 15 years. Medications worked some of the time, but I found myself needing them more and more often. I made the decision to get off all medications, including my daily preventative, and that’s when I found Curable.

I have been using Curable for 2.5 months and it has literally given me my life back. My migraines are significantly decreased and when I do get one, I am able to deal with the pain through exercises I’ve learned through Curable.

While the program cost a small amount and does take time and commitment, for me it has been worth every penny and every moment of my time."
"I started this app after a very serious setback with vestibular migraines. Although I was already doing work around emotional and physical health, it felt like more headaches occured as the concentration was on the 'pain problem'. It felt grim as one in chronic pain knows. If you learn willingly, things can change and they have so far for me. I'm human ~pain will come around again and has a time or two briefly. I feel much more solid in my responses and outcomes. "
"What a wonderful app/concept/service. The curable way as I have come to describe it, is more than an app, it's a way of life. A person no longer needs to suffer without recourse. Curable is the hope that chronic pain sufferers have been searching. Loving the podcasts and the content that is released. Don't hesitate in subscribing, far better than any Physio or chiro session you will attend. Hats off to Laura and the team for what they are pioneering. " -Tariq
"I have had chronic neck and back pain for years, and have been told by doctors that there was nothing that could be done for it. I've been through PT, weekly chiropractic visits, and taken muscle relaxers and ibuprofen like candy. This app, for the first time, has provided both an answer for why I have had so much pain, and has given me the first real relief ever. I finally feel like maybe I am not a disabled person, and will not be forever doomed to sit out my favorite activities like hiking and gardening. This app has been the best money I ever spent. -Mary Ellen"
"This works. You have to actually do it, but it works. If you are ready to get better, I can't recommend this enough. " -Violet
"The Curable App helps me reduce pain when I'm in the middle of a flare. It's like a friend I can always count on any time day or night. " -Sarah
"This app has helped me understand why I have chronic tinnitus and has put me a path to silence " -Douglas
"This app has really helped me understand and cope with my pain. Recommend anyone with chronic pain to give it a try."
"I'm new to curable. I don't fear the pain anymore and I have so many tools to help me cope. Looking forward to been pain free. " -Anne
"Great handy app! I would take time between each exercise to get full benefits. I would also recommend to do it alongside seeing a therapist. One of the writing exercises actually made me very emotional. My back pain is manageable now and I know what the triggers are. Thanks! " -Jennifer
"Curable has been amazing! I've suffered with fibromyalgia pain and fatigue for ten years, and this has been the first time I'm hopeful that I won't be struggling with pain for the next several decades of my life! My pain has been reduced and my energy level has drastically increased through the exercises and meditation. It has also been wonderful to listen to and be a part of a supportive community who understands the experiences I've had. I'm not alone! - Brittany"
"This app has completely changed my life... It is worth every penny. I never thought I'd say I'm living without chronic pain... But I am! " -Lindsey
"The app helped me get a better perspective on my chronic pain through various techniques. My pain was from an injury that takes up to a year to heal. Due to other health issues, I cannot use traditional pain meds, like Ibuprofen, or Tylenol. So I was in pain with no sign of relief, other than ice packs and arinica gel. Using the app, rethinking the pain helped me start to take my life back. Instead of letting the pain define me, I started redefining the pain, giving me control over my life again. " -Cindy
"This is a useful introduction to the mindbody approach to healing pain. Some things were helpful to me although i found i needed a more systematic and deeper method. The podcast is particularly inspiring. I think the creators have done a great job at spreading these important ideas. - Branan"
"A wonderful tool for anyone suffering from chronic pain. In English only but very easy to understand! " -Johane
"Using the curable app has changed my life. After two years of chronic migraine I thought the best I could hope for was weekly migraine (generally with a migraine every 3 days). I saw a change after two weeks using the curable app and now after four months I have my life back. I now have only one minor migraine a month and I expect to improve even more! " -Katie
"In the past three years my active lifestyle has been severely impacted by chronic low back and leg pain. I've tried a variety of therapies, had temporary relief occasionally but nothing consistent and no real answers. I was in despair. Finding the Curable app has been a light in the darkness, and has opened up new doors where previously there'd only been a thick solid wall of hopelessness. I'm deeply grateful to the creators of this app. I'm still in the beginning of my Curable journey but already I have hope for myself as I am more and more understanding the science of pain plus I'm finding new tools to help break the lifelong neural brain patterns that originally developed as a result of growing up in an unsafe environment. Thank you Curable! " -Mary
"It's very useful and can seriously help people who have been suffering from chronic pain. The work is based on hard science that has been clinically proven for years but hasn't gone mainstream. Anyone suffering from chronic pain should give this app a very hard look! " -Rickey
"I was somewhat skeptical at first, but thought it couldn't hurt to try. I have come to love Curable. I use it daily and I do the meditations at bedtime. There is so much here to learn about pain and how the brain is involved with the pain we experience. It had made a big difference in my outlook and in my pain. I am not pain free, but I have some control now and am working to further that control. " -Lynn
"This app has changed my life and given me hope for dealing with my chronic pain. And, as well as hope, it gives me a huge range of activities to try out to hep my pain. Really well designed app, clear and intuitive " -Ali
"This will change your life! " -Tracey
"Only a few months into the Curable app, and have already learnt so much. Not just about the science of pain, but about myself and how I deal with my emotions and pain. If you really, really want to improve your life, take back all the time and energy stolen by your pain and are willing to put in the effort, then Curable can help you. " -Corinne
"This app makes learning and using TMS therapy skills amazingly easy. Thank you!! " -Karen
"Completed a week and feel it's helpful so far ! " -Tess
"Nothing worked for my increasing migraines and this has given me hope for my life back. It's the first approach that's really reduced my migraines and also reduced the severity of them. Please try it and have an open mind. " -L
"I have chronic pain - fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I have been using this app for approximately 2 months. I enjoy and value all of the exercises. Meditation and brain training have been most helpful in turning down the pain dial. Thank you Curable! Highly recommended. " -Natalie
"Within days of reading and listening, the all-day, every day chronic pain I've dealt for years with has decreased exponentially! I now have pain free days. It's truly changed my life. " -Chris
"This app is much needed in the world - thank you for creating it! I've been to so many doctors over the last few years and paid a lot of money for much of the same info that I could have gotten from Curable for a few dollars a month! It's This app can help anyone who is suffering from chronic pain - regardless of what kind of pain it is. " -Tai
"Very well thought out app and system for helping you deal with chronic pain. This process really works when you think you've tried everything and have no hope. Highly recommended to try with an open mind. " -Brett
"Ten weeks into using Curable and my chronic knee pain after replacements is really coming around. I' m biking at the gym every day, and FINALLY able to walk my dog after 2 years of frustration. You will need to commit to the process and stick with it, but it can be a life changer!"
"As a practising Counsellor and great believer in the Mind/Body connection I was delighted to find this app a couple of weeks ago. So - could it help with my constant, debilitating headaches? Already aware of a lot of the science-y bits in the fee version, I plunged right in with an annual subscription - equivalent in cost to ONE hour-long deep tissue massage (the only other thing to relieve the headaches so far). And - would you believe - it bloody well works! In the past two weeks I have felt the onset of a corker only once - and 10 minutes in a guided meditation and it went away. Let me make one caveat - you absolutely have to put the time and effort in - and you really have to want to be rid of your chronic pain. But who wouldn't - right? I am sure there will be relapses, but I look forward to continuing this journey to a pain-free future. Thank you so very much - big love Founders! Xxx " -Alison
"I was definitely a skeptic at first, but I'm so glad I gave this a shot. Not cured yet, but I've seen significant progress in just a couple of weeks. I feel a lot more in control of my pain now. If you're unsure like I was, the free trial is useful and I'd recommend listening to the podcast as well; it's very informative. " -Sara
"This app has completed changed my life. I can't remember recommend it highly enough if you suffer from migraine or other types of chronic pain and are just not being helped by medication. It's a science and evidence based CURE for pain. Amazing. " -Lois
"Curable has made all the difference for me in successfully battling migraines " -Chandra
"The Curable App, along with the companion Like Mind, Like Body podcast, have been a cornerstone in the treatment of my ongoing chronic pain symptoms (and better yet, treatment of the causes). Plain and simple, I would not be able to maintain the business travel schedule I do without the addition of Curable to my toolset. I maintain a debt of gratitude to the entire team at Curable. " -Paul

Thank you... I’m curable!!

"This App has already begun to change my life. Having lived with Chronic Migraine for as long as my memory serves and loosing my work and most of my social life, I have already seen incredible results using this App for only 1 week. It is so easy to use in little bite size nuggets of wisdom. I now know that I can be in control of this and am no longer fearing each and every day. I even stopped a migraine in its tracks! Quite unbelievable. I had tried mind body techniques before- even went on courses and saw a psychiatrist, but this has finally flicked that switch. I’m so excited about the future for the first time in 10 years.GET IT."
"I suffer from chronic pain and an autoimmune disease. I’ve tried so many things to manage the physical and psychological toll it takes. As a mental health therapist myself, I know a lot of these techniques and understand how they work. I have to say that the combination of using this app followed by a session with my own therapist made a huge difference in my life and well-being. I don’t think I would have gotten there without first using this app. Thanks, Curable Crew!"

Something that truly helps

"This App has helped me get a handle on my long term chronic pain. It hasn’t taken it all the way by any means, but it has given me the tools to help deal with it and control it better. As a spine fusion patient, I know how disabling chronic pain can be. I’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to help. Until this. I’m still at the beginning, and learning a lot as I go along, but I love everything I see so far and it does seem to be helping me. Thank you"

30-Day Survey Reviews

"I am using your renaming techniques for my ASD sons' anxiety and it is really helping. We've replaced anxiety, anger, stress & pain with Aunt Eunice/Annie, Uncle Phil/Angus, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Peter. They push these aunts and uncles out the door when they come in their brains. Uncle hasn't come back. And my youngest lets Aunt Carmen (calm) in one once Aunt Annie is gone. Long explanation sorry but it's been so helpful and it's early days and very small improvements but they are big to us. "
"curable gives me so much hope. It tailors to my logical side and has given me many tools for confronting my pain and anxiety. The online group is so uplifting as well. Overall, I feel so relieved and a lot less anxious. I think my anxiety was causing a lot of physical problems, and it's SO helpful to know that."
"I love the Curable app! I love the guided writing exercises and the podcasts especially. In one of the meditations, I saw my pain reduce about 80% which was AMAZING--it just didn't last very long! But it gave me hope that I can continue decreasing the pain just by using my brain, which is also amazing. I am so grateful to have found you, and hopeful that the app will continue helping me progress."
"I am an elementary school teacher in Toronto, and three years ago I developed crippling pain in my vulva. Swelling and redness accompanied the pain, which over several months became severe and constant. I'm talking not working and lying on the couch day in and day out. Doctors tested me for everything, I had MRIs, and the only thing they discovered was a skin condition called Lichen Sclerosis. The mysterious thing was that my vulva improved with steroid cream and looked very good for someone with LS. My pain, however, got worse and worse. More and more activities became off-limits for me, and I developed depression and anxiety as a result of losing the fun, active person I had been. I spent three years chasing answers. Within one month of using Curable, I was walking for forty minutes. I am now convinced that my pain worsened as a result of fixation and anxiety. I also suffered a lot of trauma as a child, so the podcasts and exercises really spoke to me. I had been told by different doctors that they suspected I also suffered from vulvodynia, which is essentially unexplained pain of the vulva. That, as well as LS, has an extremely high rate of depression, as well as a common thread in patients also struggling with anxiety and trauma. I always found that compelling but couldn't figure out why. Until Curable. I am so, so passionate about the mind body connection now, and I aim to heal completely. I hope you will consider doing a podcast about vulvar pain, as it affects so many women! I would be more than happy to speak with you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, John, Erich, and Laura. You have changed my life."
"Curable has made an immense impact on my physical and emotional health. Before Curable, I was trapped in a cycle of hopelessness about my foot pain. I kept seeking external answers. The program, and particularly just the first few lessons, were instrumental in helping me see my own role in healing my pain. I have a path forward. I have hope."
"I want to thank you for creating an intuitive, thoughtful, awesome app. It's truly amazing and has helped change my perspective on pain. I'm really working to try and heal my pain. Having an app that guides me thru that process is priceless and much easier/cost effective than therapy. Thx. :)"
"Even though I realized that pain was ruling my life, this App offered options that shifted my relationship to fast it's shocking. It's not that Curable itself is healing people, that would be questionable. Rather, the App guides me to encounter myself in a way the is very personal and has brought rehabilitation to my brain in connection to pain. Just 4 weeks in, it's been a trusted source of relief!!"
"Curable has absolutely changed my life! I have a freedom from pain that I thought was not possible. I am able to be a part of life again!"
"Within the first two weeks of downloading the app, I was able to halt a flare-up with one of Curable's meditations + essential oils. Usually flares result in repeated ice/heat applications, NSAIDs, oils, and a lot of physical therapy stretches just to stay barely functional. So that early win was super encouraging!"
"I've just finished my first month with Curable, and I am walking distances I haven't been able to in years. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is the first thing to actually help my pain level and mobility."
"Thank you very, very, very much! My life is so much better now that my pain has almost gone. I'm very surprised and very pleased!"
"I felt a crazy amount of relief when I discovered the curable app and podcast and noticed big shifts in my anxiety and the way I react to my pain after just a couple weeks of using the app. And it's inspiring to know people have similar stories to me and that there's hope! Thanks y'all- what you're doing is beautiful!"
"I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for about 2 years now. Initially it was a devastating blow and my pain was unbearable, but I started yoga and mindfulness after recommendation from my doctor and psychologist. That helped me get back to my usual activites and get back to being more active. However, the pain didn't reduce all that much and my fatigue increased. This is when I came across Curable. It is unbelievable how much the knowledge about pain, meditation and writing exercises have helped me. I feel I am more in tune with myself, better adapted to deal and control the pain, and have started uncovering the layers of stressors that I couldn't get to even with my psychologist. The journey has been incredibly helpful and I'd suggest it to anyone going through pain."
"Thank you! I have found the Curable app a huge support and feel much more positive about my recovery journey. The recovery stories provide so much hope; the neuroscience is so helpful and explains what could be complex information in such a digestible and easy to understand way. The meditation, brain training and journal excercises are so helpful at peeling back further layers and promoting healing."
"I'm starting to feel much better. I can tell that some of the time pain is because I'm using those overworked muscles but now I'm noticing a lot that my thoughts precede the pain and how I perceive the pain and react to it either shortens or lengthens the duration of discomfort. Your app has allowed me to lose a lot of the fear surrounding the pain which is where I struggled to reign in the panic and anxiety attacks which I have experienced for the last 3 years and the pain has been constant. It was all consuming all I could think about. Now instead of focusing on the pain I ask myself what is bothering me and what emotion is causing the pain and I have noticed that the pain starts to recede when I acknowledge the emotion and most of all to allow myself to experience it without feeling fearful just letting it pass through me. But you takes some practice. I also found self talk. Writing out positive attributes and affirmations, recording them and listening to them every daily for an hour changes the way I think, feel and react to change my negative thought pattern. Thank you so much. I use this app every day. So far I've only been doing it for a month...But as you say you have to believe that the pain is tied to the emotions you're experiencing."
"Developed nerve pain in my foot after having trigger point injections. Could do nothing for 6 months but doctors claimed cause of original pain was no longer there. Found a physiotherapist who explained about pain management and the part our brain plays in pain. Your app was a follow on from a simple one she recommended. Now have control of my life back."
"I absolutely love your app, it has been a life changer for me. I recommend to everyone I talk to, including the professionals who were at a loss for what was wrong. I'm still transitioning, but I'm sure it won't be long until I'm reaching for curable and nothing else!!"
"I had episodic migraines for many years but for the last few years become chronic (every day). Medical Drs. recommended both preventative medication and triptans which helped some but after a while stopped working. For the last two months I've made health my priority. Thankfully, I was on Sabbatical from my University so I could take the time and space I needed for healing. I started Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Yoga, long walks, and continued my meditation. Then someone sent the link for Curable. I began by listening to the education section and then progressed to the writing, brain training and meditations. I found almost all the exercises extremely helpful and relevant. The writing exercises were key to uncovering some deep underlying issues. The brain training was necessary to alter my relationship to pain and to the fear of pain. And the meditations gave me a direct experience of my body tension and the affect of my emotions on by body. I am incredibly grateful for Curable and feel it is well designed and comprehensive. I have already recommended it to friends who have started using it. However, I did find that I also needed to have a body practice such as Yoga and walking and that the acupuncture and osteopathy were important aspects of my healing. The only other addition that I feel is essential is creativity. Since I am a creative arts therapist, filmmaker, and teach about creative process, I believe that having a creative practice can be extremely helpful in working with chronic pain. I made sure to sing every day and also do some artistic expression. Thank you so much for creating Curable!!"
"I have been on the curable journey for a year now. I started with 7/8 migraines a month and am now down to maybe one a month. I have gotten off of Propranolol too which I took on a daily basis. This year has been an inward journey and I have gained so much wisdom and courage as well as accepting that sometimes it's ok not to feel great. It's also a great lesson on being more authentic and less "nice" all the time. Thank you!!"
"I am a health care provider that has struggled with episodic migraines for many years. I am in the natural health field and have done so many things to help myself, including food sensitivity testing, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, exercise, essential oils as well as dozens of life and habit changes. I even read and try to apply Dr. Sarno's Low Back Pain Solution with my patients' conditions, though I had never attempted to apply the principals to my migraines. I value and appreciate each of these modalities, as they all played their role in my healing. One month ago I started the Curable App and have been over-the-top impressed with the content and approach. I consider myself a very self aware person, and yet the layout of the lessons, exercises and techniques have helped me understand my situation in a way that I never have before. I am excited to continue to update you on how it goes, but I can already tell you that I have been so impressed with the program that I have started to recommend it to almost all of my patients."
"Curable is changing my life. I'm learning more about pain through the app than I ever did from years and years of visiting doctors, chiropractors and other medical professionals. I had become skeptical of modern medicine so when someone introduced me to Curable I was 100% open to giving the approach a chance. And it's working. It's literally changing my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
"I have been battling pain, fatigue and disability since I contracted Ross River Fever Virus 33 years ago. Over this time, I have seen diagnoses appear, be disparaged, then gain validation through research and education and awareness of both health practitioners, patients and the public. Initially, told it was all in my head, then the emergence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Fibromyalgia is the latest for me. My Rheumatologist gave me the diagnosis, then a hug, then told me she couldn't do anything to help me.... Obviously, I am not the only one feeling helpless.... I have felt powerless at times, but repeatedly, I have been able to claw my way back to a functioning state. I recognize triggers, and try to buffer stress, have early warning sign posts, and strategies I implement to replenish my happiness and well-being, conserve my energy, prioritize tasks and responsibilities. I have meditated and practiced mindfulness daily for many years, I journal, exercise, and work closely with my GP, psychologist, physio, exercise physiologist and specialists. I take a plethora of prescribed and OTC medications and supplements, supervised by my doctors. I take responsibility for my illness- I am the one who has to live with it lifelong. I am compliant, motivated, and hold those I engage to assist me to account. I seek out clever and knowledgeable health professionals, and don't just accept crummy attitudes and poor professional practice (like that of my rheumatologist). My ex-husband resented spending so much money on my "health" and cut off funds entirely. My revenge has been to succeed independently. I work in a responsible position as a Registered Nurse, and have reinvented myself across many roles in a quest for decent pay, manageable hours and workload, supportive culture and a rewarding, satisfying career. I still spend hundreds of dollars a fortnight on medications- OTC and drugs not on the PBS, specialist out of pocket fees, city parking for appointments etc etc. I see others visit the doctor rarely, the chemist once a year for panadol or cold and flu remedies... I understand my life is unusual, and am not surprised when others cannot comprehend my reality. I try not to resent this, just feel happy for them that they have not walked my path. We all have our challenges and problems."
"Finally, I have found your site, thanks to my wonderful, compassionate and clever GP. This is the single most beneficial tool I have ever discovered. I am usually happy to find one "next logical step" in my management journey. Here I find a deep, complex and integrated range of activities, all guiding me gently but inexorably towards the most positive promise of wellness and ongoing skill development for lifelong self management. You have given me back hope. With your help I have bottomed out in my recent downward spiral into the black hole of pain, disability, despair and depression. I now see myself as bouncing back, not just one leap, there are peaks and troughs, but I never drop back as far, and stay up longer. I am waking each day with happiness and enthusiasm for the day. My treat first and last thing each day is a guided meditation, and when I have time, cover several options of brain training and education. I look forward to doing more writing, it really clarifies things and helps me work through painful issues."
"Thank you all for bringing together best practice based on research, techniques and information for self help and management. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Carey"
"I feel like this app saved my life. I had so many health problems that I was becoming depressed and hopeless. I haven't had a significant reduction in my symptoms yet, but I am less afraid and I have hope that this can work for me."
"I've struggled with debilitating migraines ever since puberty. Doctor after doctor has aways prescribed me medicine to help manage the pain, but none have ever tried to help find a way to completely rid myself from the pain. I've never been educated about whats biologically happening inside the pain center of the brain and no one has ever linked my pain to stress, anxiety, etc. Curable's education, meditations, brain training and even journaling has helped minimize the pain, and at times, completely stop the pain. This has been mind blowing for me! I'm forever thankful for Curable."
"I've found curable so helpful, it's still a work in progress but life is so much better already. I think the fact that you can take it at your own pace really helps, but once you start what you learn is with you all the time. I felt that my life was just pain for as long as I could remember with no relief and to be honest my personal world had shrunk to something I didn't like at all. It's all starting to open up again now and I feel more positive than I have done in a long time. Of course every day isn't sunshine and lollipops, but that's the beauty of curable it's always there for you. Thank you, I'm truly grateful"
"Thank you for creating this app. It is everything I need all rolled into one. It is something that was seriously needed and just the information alone has helped me greatly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I developed fibromyalgia after an intensive back fusion surgery of L4, L5 & S1 back in 2013. The surgery was preformed through the front of my abdomen, with two different surgeons present. Nov 2013 was my surgery and by April of 2014 I was certain that something was very wrong. I had pain everywhere. I was not diagnosed until June of 2013. No matter what the doctors have tried it has made things better, but never taken my pain away completely"
"The most helpful thing Curable has done for me is helping me to understand that pain is not my enemy it is just my brain trying to keep me safe. This means that I respond now with compassion towards my pain rather than fear of the pain itself. The whole experience of being in pain is now shifted to a space of empowerment and personal growth rather than one of perceived suffering."
"I have been reading and practicing what Sarno and others teach for three years. While I have made progress and do many of the things I avoided for years I still have pain and I am hoping the Cureable app can get me the rest of the way. I have found the many relaxation meditations are helping to calm my mind and nervous system. I feel I am understanding the relationship between pain and emotions so much better and the app gives me so many tools to uncover and manage the pain. In my three years of learning all about the mind and body I feel the Cureable app to be the most comprehensive material available."
"Curable has changed my life. It has given me back control of my migraines and some of my chronic stomach pain. I haven't had a migraine since I started using the app (going from being a chronic migraine sufferer) and I no longer fear my headaches, and have learned they are tied to my anxiety and past traumas. I found curable when I was at my lowest and thought I could never have a normal life, so thank you for making this app."
"I didn't think this app would work, but I am thrilled to say, I was wrong! I have recommended this to other's that I know suffer with chronic pain. However, they don't believe me when I say how fab this app is. I guess I can't blame them, I was pretty sceptical myself to start with. I'm so glad I kept an open mind and stuck with it for the month. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"
"As a healthcare nurse, I have seen many chronic pain patients. Since I discovered this app, I have become more aware of the social issues that may be attributing to the pain. Even if the pain can be lessened by these techniques, it becomes a win situation. Since I am a chronic pain patient, I am always looking for something other than pills to help with my pain. I'm always going to be looking for other ways to improve my own health and that of my patients. This app has been a great resource of information on chronic pain and acknowledgment that the pain is real."
"I love Curable. It is like it knows what I am thinking and I can't believe how my pain has decreased. I never believed in meditation and am now hooked. Thank you for helping."
"I treat people with chronic pain implementing pain neuroscience education and the biopsychosocial approach to healing pain. I now recommend all patients to use the app. Thank you!"
"I love the app and think everyone should do it. I don't know anyone who doesn't have minor back pain or something like that - this would help so many people. should also be marketed to people with mental health issues and basically any parent who has young children as yelling at the kids leads to stress the parents don't even realise."
"I love Curable and am truly grateful to John, Laura, and Erich for sharing it with the world. In the last year, my chronic migraines and tension headaches reached a debilitating level despite my ultra-strict eating plan, sleep hygiene, meditation, hormone supplements, etc. I launched a major offensive to get myself help, and when I really got down to it, I was staring face-to-face with the somatic effects of a lifetime of unmanaged stress.

After using Curable for about a month, I can now stop most of my emerging migraines before they get going just by taking a few minutes to use one of my favorite brain training exercises. I've tried a lot of tactics to help mask my pain or tolerate it with more grace, but because Curable retrains the physiological response that the brain has to pain, for me the impact has been awesome. I kind of feel like I have superpowers -- I've reclaimed entire days of my life and am radically reducing my use of prescription rescue meds. The value of that sense of control that I've regained over my own life is something I can't describe.

So far I've recommended Curable to at least half a dozen people with all varieties of chronic pain, and I'm sure I'll share it with many more. This is critical, evidence-based information that needs to become far more mainstream. I'm sure it won't help everyone, but it will clearly be a game changer for so many people living with chronic pain. I feel like this is the beginning of a health revolution and I'm so glad to have caught the wave when I did!"
"I read Dr Sarnos book and then stumbled onto the curable app after 9 months of immobility due to being diagnosed with a herniated disc with an MRI. In the 9 months prior to the book and the app I had to lie face first on the floor for a minute every 30min to get through the day and had never lifted our newborn son. A month after the book and app I am back to working out 6 days a week, running and doing everything a new dad wishes they could do with their son. I am indescribable thankful for the book and app. At my lowest points I assumed I would never get back to my previous lifestyle, now everyday I feel like I'm more in control of my pain in all aspects of my life. I use the app daily and find it particularly helpful if I'm having a flare up."
"I have had chronic pain for 3 years. It's onset was at the time of a devastating loss in my life. For three years I have pursued help and relief in the medical community as well as some non- traditional means, with NO RELIEF. I began my understanding of your philosophy by reading three of Dr. Sarno's books. I wanted some exercises to do that aligned with his philosophy of TMS. As I googled I found Curable. I am in the throes of immersing myself into you're exercises. I have some hope again."
"I never answer surveys but felt the need to respond. I've been in horrible chronic pain for two years. I had all over muscle and joint pain. If is not clear if it's autoimmune (lupus), lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndromr or fibromyalgia. I had a high ANA titre and that's the only thing my test results have shown. Nevertheless, I've tried everything under the sun to improve this pain, brain fog, nerve pain, dizziness, lymph node swelling, daily sore throats etc. This all came on suddenly after a period of high stress (young kids, very demanding career, poor worklife balance). I went to bed one night and woke up with all of these symptoms and battled it for almost two years. I was scared to death of living with this the rest of my life. I was having horrible and scary flares of pain and a general constant muscle pain, memory issues, brain fog etc. I did everything under the sun to fix this including strict vegan raw vegetable diet, quitting my job as a young and successful manager at a top chemical engineering company, reading endless articles online, reducing name it. Some of the things like diet gave some relief but nothing fixed this. Curable was the first thing that made me check out my emotional well being and this path of the emotional elements to pain. I did the whole course and had immediate significant improvements. I have had three weeks of basically symptom free. I can't believe it...I feel like I have my life back. I pray this lasts but I'm forever grateful. You need to expand this in other areas like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression..this concept of brain rewiring is phenomenal. As a chemical engineer/scientist, I always believed in pure science until now. This has proven to me that the mind and brain is a very powerful thing."
"It's been a long journey for me. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease three years ago, but have been ill for quite awhile and going from Dr to Dr has been extremely expensive since Lyme specialists do not accept insurance. I did feel somewhat better after leaving a building where I worked for 9 years that I suspect had mold, and chemical exposure. So some symptoms did lesson . However I still had nerve pain, and migraines and this prevented me from enjoying life. This program has been amazing and I truly believe it is a game changer! I highly recommend curable!"
"I love this app! It popped up as a Facebook ad, so I was skeptical, but I was really struggling with migraines and fatigue, so I tried it anyway. After a few years of therapy, I became convinced that working through trauma, practicing emotional expression, and letting go of perfectionism were key to reducing my migraines, so how validating to be backed up by this app and pain psychology! I am currently in graduate school for social work, and this app has made me think about how cool it would be to develop content for an app like Curable in the future. Thanks so much for making this!"
"Curable helps my anxiety because I can always reassure myself that others have cured themselves of similar types of pain, and that I have so many characteristics of a mind body disorder, that it makes sense that that's what it is. It makes me stop the spiral into a panic attack with the reminder of everything I've learned."
"Understanding the brain - pain link has helped to ease my anxiety regarding pain. Instead of constantly trying to find "answers" to fix myself, I'm gradually learning that I need to work with my body and brain rather than hoping to find a doctor to listen."
"Curable (and the Like Mind, Like Body podcast) is an outstanding resource. I am so grateful to you all for creating this app. I'll share more about my story and how Curable has played a large role in gaining ownership over my pain soon. Until then, thank you."
"I love curable! I just started with it, and have already begun seeing small changes that I hope will build into bigger ones. I'm less scared of my arthritic back, and have noticed that when I say, "My head is a little less comfortable than I'd like," I get an instant reduction in pain, which was unimaginable before, seeing as I have had a constant headache for years. I'm really starting to believe in this mind-body connection stuff, and realizing all my mental illness/past trauma probably could be affecting my pain as well. I had no idea before starting this that pain could be anything but a direct manifestation of a physical injury or disease. I'm hoping I can get more relief as I continue doing the exercises."
"I love your app. I've been driving a lot, and have been grateful for the podcasts and recovery stories that I can listen to. My mom has talked all my life about how I process all my emotions very physically - and I have been very aware of this phenomenon. It still had not occurred to me that it might affect me at this level. I'm very hopeful about the brain retraining and in how I view pain."
"Not only has Curable helped with the pain I experience due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, chronic migraines, and several old injuries, it has significantly affected my mental health conditions--PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The pain-depression cycle was becoming untenable for me, and I feel like I'm getting my life back now, thanks to Curable. Thank you."
"I don't have chronic migraines but I do get them a few times a month. This has helped me learn about the science of pain, learn how to shift my body and have more control over anxiety, shift my thoughts to relax more easily, and another thing that's been really helpful is just not taking pain so seriously. The phrase, "Pain is an opinion of the brain," has really stood out to me, and I've come back to that many times. As in, "Why is my brain deciding to have this level of pain right now?" Excellent material and I just subscribed about a month or so ago. I'm a therapist and I've already recommended it to a client."
"Curable has so far proved very beneficial. I have been using it for four weeks and have been pleased with the improvement in my pain. I have suffered chronic and unexplained heel pain for almost five years, and Curable was a last ditch-attempt at solving the issue before paying for a private MRI scan. My attitude was that I had nothing to lose, given the 30-day refund policy. I am enjoying using the app and am optimistic that I may have found the answer. The pain is already less and I am walking more normally again."
"Meditating helps me relax more. I do not feel alone knowing others have fibromyalgia and have less pain learning from curable"
"Honestly. I love your app. I was introduced to this by a friend of mine and it's been life changing. As someone who suffers from Chronic Migraine and has used everything possible to stop them, the only thing that has worked is botox and now this app. Thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back. Thank you for giving hope to someone who thought that there would never be an answer or a cure to fix my migraines and not be afraid of the pain."
"This app is fantastic! I use it for pain and for depression management. I have shared with friends and doctors. It's the best I have found!"
"I really like the education & meditation components. I've been a meditation practitioner for over 5 years, but the script that Curable put out for meditation is so different from what I've experienced. I've been having lower back pains from emotional trauma. Your meditations actually triggered me emotionally and I was able to release the pain or even "talk" to it to calm down or "stop". With the help of Curable and my Psychotherapist, I had confidence to hit the gym again. Thank you!"
"I love your app and podcast. It's been a blessing to my life and I'm learning so much. "
"I think this app is amazing. I found out two and a half years ago that my years' of chronic pain were not caused by a physical problem, via a Dr John Sarno book and then a consultation with Georgie Oldfield in the UK (having read her book). It finally all made sense after seeing a multitude of practitioners and doctors over the years who all addressed the physical pain. The more that I've explored the concept of the pain being mind/emotionally based it makes such sense to me and my condition. However, I formerly journalled to the point of tedium and have found it quite hard to follow any particular programme as there is not much that is specifically out there. Dr Kim D'Eramo and Sandy Newbigging have been my go to fellas and I have discovered heaps about myself and now practice meditation. I fully believe I can live without pain and Curable is proving to be incredibly helpful. I love the way it is structured and how Clara makes me feel, with 'her' funny and nurturing messaging. It is ingenious how the programme picks up you my individual issues and there is such a range of options. My journaling (which I kind of felt I was done with) has been reignited with the Curable guidance and I am back to seeing its benefits. I plan to continue with Curable as I firmly believe it will really benefit me. Already some 'issues' have unfolded themselves! Thank you - and thank you for making it affordable too. Helen "
"i want to say thankyou to you guys for helping me get back to the sports and activity that I used to do before I hurt myself"
"I have been in therapy with a Somatic Experiencing practitioner for years and am now training to be one myself as well as doing a masters in mental health counseling - this all to say that I have been very familiar with mind-body concepts for years, and have used them to heal emotional issues of my own and with clients. However, it was not until using Curable that I started to learn how to apply these concepts directly - and effectively! - with my migraines. Thank you!!!"
"I'm going to recommend this to my doctor, so she can look into it herself and possibly mention it to other pain patients. Kaiser Permanente has a free (to members) pain program that basically teaches the same principles as the Curable app once a week for 12 weeks or so. But this is better, in my opinion, because you don't have to leave your home, you can do it as fast or as slow as you want, and you don't have to worry about missing a class. But the material is very similar to the Curable app.. Honestly, the fact that the material was the same is what gave me so much confidence that this app is the real deal."
"Over 4 years of pain management including CBT; within a month of curable I have started weaning off of meds and have a new hope for a life without pain. I can talk to my "wonky feelings" and they go away! It's an amazing app. and I am thankful."
"Thank you for all of your work. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and changed my outlook on pain since using your program. I find the podcasts interesting and easily accessible as I listen to them as I walk, do dishes, etc. "
"I have to admit that at first, I thought there was not enough exercises on the curable app. I did not understand that you have to work through it , to have more exercises added to the work. As I progressed through the program, it became apparent how it worked. I had a cervical disc replaced about a year ago. I suffer medical PTSD and continued pain. The curable app has been a life saver for me. When I am having a pain flair that brings up the medical PTSD, I find hope and peace by going through the lightning bolt, pain Icon and the calming exercises. I also don't feel alone. I feel like I am in the presence of other people who understand chronic fear and the avalanche of its life altering changes. I also am soothed by the mediation practices and I use them to fall asleep. I have to add here that the podcast and education is also opening up doors for me. Thank You"
"I have been using the app to help me manage post stroke fatigue that I have had for 8 years. I simply replace the word 'pain' for the word 'fatigue'. It doesn't always relate but most of the time it does. My biggest learnings so far are:

That I had been falling prey to negative self talk and negative language about my levels of fatigue. I have consciously rewritten my internal language - used to say 'I am in the fog today' and this would mean that I cant do an f'ing thing except lie down and rest. Now I say to myself, 'I have a different amount of energy today than I usually have.' Generally my self talk is more realistic and less negative.

I am using the meditations when I lie down in the afternoon each day. This is a more useful and productive rest. I spend less time worried and anxious as I lie there. I am actively rejuvenating my nervous system and brain.

It is difficult to say if I am experiencing less fatigue but my attitude is better once again. I am trying some new things, like taking a low level ballet class again, which brings on fatigue but it is worth it!"
"My pain mgmt dr & pa were both so eager & downloaded the app at my last appt when I shared how impressed with it I am. I tell everyone who could benefit about it!!! Thank you!!!! I have alot more to accomplish but I have hope, especially with the new restrictions in pain mgmt opioid levels allowed (in TX, everyone has to be reduced to a certain amt, even if no abuse or addiction history). It was only this change that led me to look at curable on fb. So glad I did. Took my 1st family weekend roadtrip this weekend with our 5 yr old- always too difficult on my back to attempt. Been in chronic pain for 31 yrs. Multiple sources, multiple surgeries, and now recent open heart surgery pain to recover from, plus now learning connection to multiple childhood trauma stressors, so I know I have alot going on but I'm hopeful!

I've spent 15 years (half my life) taking OTC pain meds and more recently, opioids during my period. I have endometriosis and had life-changing surgery three years ago but had neuropathic pain left over from half a lifetime of chronic pain.

After three days of curable along with two weeks of PT, I went from taking 5 hydrocodone over two days (during my period) to one.

Now I've gone to none and halved my ibuprofen use. I'm essentially taking nothing during my period for the first time in my entire life. I also stopped my monthly Toradol shot for my fibromyalgia pain and sciatica."
"Curable offers the "missing piece" in my quest for pain relief. In all my nearly 40 years of searching for a cure for my migraines no doctor has ever so much as hinted at the possibility of there being a psychological connection. Now, thanks to Curable, I am seeing things through a new lens and that has given me control, something I didn't realize was within my grasp. I truly believed that this dragon ( as I see him) who lived in my skull held all the cards, I was at his mercy. Now, given what Curable has taught me, I see that my brain conjured the dragon and with practice I can banish him. It is remarkable to me that after taking every kind of medication available, paying for all kinds of alternative therapies, changing my diet, buying appliances, massagers, neck slings, ice caps, aroma misters, new mattresses, magnets, special pillows ... the list goes on ... that no one ever said "It's all in your head, let's TALK about it" . I am really enjoying what I am learning about my pain and about myself, Curable has opened up a new thought process, lit a new path ... it's exciting and it is benefitting all aspects of my life, particularly how I parent, which is SO wonderful. Many thanks."
"I am learning so much about pain and the mind/body journey. Love the podcasts and listen to them several times over to re enforce the information or practices conveyed. My positivity and optimism also increased."
"I love curable, it has changed my life!"
"Overall, I have to say I am gratefully surprised at how I am responding to the exercises in this program. My pain levels have gone down, steadily, in small increments, nonetheless I can see progress. I have also gained tools in stopping migraines in their tracks. I found reading Dr. Sarno's "Mind over back pain" a helpful companion to the lessons. I also enjoy listening to the speakers & testimonials. Thankful my doctor recommended Curable!"
"My pain comes in waves it's low and quiet but then it flares up and I get overwhelmed. I have lots of projects and motivation when the pain is low but when it is high I really struggle. Curable has helped me overall, but I really only practice it when the pain is low, when the pain is high I have a hard time doing it. I'm in a flare time now, my house is a mess, I'm not sleeping, I'm just hanging on, but underneath that is a knowledge that the pain will go soon and I can resume my life. I think curable has given me that piece of knowledge. It keeps me from depression really. I love the online community. It was hard to find something like that. When I found out there was an official Facebook group, that is when I signed up. The program alone is dependent on me and my energy, but the group is always there, even when I'm feeling bad. I don't feel so alone. Thank you."
"Lower back pain and hip pain much better after about a month of using your app. So thankful!"
"I'm fifteen years into this stuff and I've benefited from keeping up with pain science folks. I've already seen a lot of what Curable offers, but I still really love the app because it has everything in one place. I was surprised at how motivating the Guide is. All the content is first-rate. I think every newcomer to the world of chronic pain would have a much better quality of life if they utilized Curable. Thank you for putting your hearts into it."
"I've had migraines since I was 18 that usually cane once a month. A couple of years ago the frequency increased to where I started getting them almost weekly and having terrible attacks of abdominal pain. I have tried so many medications, alternative tx etc and Curable is the only thing that helps. I'm cautiously optimistic but very hopeful. Thank you!!"
"I have chronic pain from a botched hernia surgery (inguinal) five years ago. The mesh was too large and caused more than a year's worth of internal damage as it became loose and balled up into a hard mass that pressed against all of those nerves, arteries, soft tissue and bone in that area. I finally found a surgeon who specialized in that type of problem (I was pretty sure what it was), and he was able to remove most of the mesh. But he had to perform a neurectomy of three vital nerves as they were simply too damaged to leave. It helped a great deal but I had to have another revision a year later to remove another part of the mesh that had moved up closer to my public bone, and that helped alot too and the nerves began to grow back three months later. I have now been in chronic pain from this, 24-7, 365. My life has been turned upside down. Not surprisingly I developed a potentially fatal heart condition the year that I discovered this would probably be something I will have to learn to live with (and it's not a pretty picture; I'm quite active in an online community of people who have also had this happen to them) with very strong pain medications, implanted stimulators (I said no, emphatically) and monthly injections to block some of the nerves (which regenerated with a vengeance) the only lifeline I was offered. No-one ever has asked me a single question let alone helped in any way with any of the coping, psychological support etc that Curable gives me. I took a year off of work to try to some to terms with the huge life adjustments this caused, and right at the end of this year, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I returned to work, partly because I had to financially, but also because I felt psychologically strong enough to begin to move out of my cocoon. I went through 3 lumpectomies as the surgeon tried to spare my breast, but the cancer is a sneaky type, spreads throughout my breast in a spider-like pattern, and so I also had to have a double mastectomy. These 4 breast surgeries all happened within a 7-month span. It took every bit of mental strength I had to continue working, but I did. I took a three month break and now am back full force. I discovered Curable in August and finally feel like I am addressing some of the issues I knew and know make my pain worse and make the suffering less bearable - ruminating and catastrophizing being two areas I knew of and just didn't know much about, and of course many other areas I kind of thought might be involved but didn't know, and certainly didn't know what to do about (negative self-talk and anxiety, for example). I am determined not to be defined by my medical conditions and Curable is now a big part of my day-to-day coping, and I feel I am succeeding at that. I'm very grateful to you all!"
"I have suffered from migraines regularly my whole life. I found curable through the tech crunch article. I had amazing results with the free version. From 3 migraines a week to 8 weeks without migraines! My back pain decreased and tight shoulders were more relaxed. I paid for curable on principle, but now (about 12 weeks in) I find myself using the app more--because I'm having a few more migraine days. I used to attribute migraines to something I was doing--eating the wrong foods, skipping meals, too little I have come to realize that I process emotions through migraines.--if I don't process them another way first. I am so thankful for curable. I am a curable-ambassador and wish it would work for everyone as well as it has for me."
"I have been using Curable for about 5 weeks now. It has really helped my migraines and shoulder pain. I had tried so many different treatments before this. It is still early days for me. I have only been pain free for a week but I'm really hopeful"
"It still feels like early days for me, but I am attached to Curable like it's a liferaft! I've had huge improvement & am pinching myself & still a little afraid the bubble will burst. I can't believe it could be this easy & this enjoyable to 'get well'. Definitely magical! I'm quietly excited. In general I'd like to compliment you all on the general 'spirit' of the app - it's thst spirit that makes me feel very safe & understood in this 'community'. I love everything about this app & as soon as I'm confident that my progress is 'really real' I can see myself becoming an evangelist Thank you"
"I'm a GP working in South Wales. Over the last few years I've become increasingly frustrated by my inability to help patients with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Earlier this year I attended a (very long) weekend of lectures by the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute of Australia who Explain Pain (Lorimer Moseley and David Butler). My understanding of the neuroscience of pain was turned on it's head. It seems that everything I'd learnt in medical school in the 1980s was an unhelpful and misleading oversimplification!

But when I tried to fit the neuroscience with the patients - it all made complete sense. At last. A way to help patients in chronic pain.

Unfortunately I only have 10 minutes with patients in General Practice so my rather clumsy initial attempts at explaining the neuroscience ended in shouting / tears / slammed doors. The Explain Pain book is prohibitively expensive for patients, especially as they already think that what I'm telling them is preposterous! Why would they shell out £30 for a book that sounds plain weird?

Then a friend suggested I look at the Curable App. I thought I'd have a quick look. FOUR HOURS later I stood up from my seat and punched the air in triumph (surprising the dog). What a fantastic resource!!!

So far I've suggested the App to around a dozen patients. One young women has experienced 18/12 of dysuria / dyspareunia resulting in multiple attendances to see her GP and A&E and beginning to affect both her work and relationships. Multiple UTIs - but all the urine samples are negative. I tentatively suggested she read your App and just 2 weeks later she returned looking like a different woman. Honestly. I could not believe the difference in her entire demeanour. The App helped her understand that there may not really be any physical problem with her bladder. But, for her, the best thing was learning that problems like hers are so common that there is an entire App developed to address them. She thought she was going mad. But it turns out there are thousands and thousands of patients, just like her, who have developed physical symptoms with no underlying medical illness."
"I love the program. It's like an encouraging friend."
"I have the backpain for about 4 years now. I spent the early phase with looking for answers, but no significant medical reasons found apart from age related degeneration and probably menopausa related reactions. Also i had significant stress and psycholigical pressures at work for a period. As a solution i started to do Pilates which helped me a lot. I feel amazing after the classes. The Pilates trainer recommended your website. Listening to the Podcasts gave me a sense of being part of a community, feeling of that i am not alone with this problem and the hope that if others managed to came out of it i myself maybe capable to do the same. I am using the mobile app and listening to the podcasts for about 5 weeks now. I stopped the medication, to see how i can cope. The mornings are the worst, i do ministretching in bed before i get up to warm up. Then i am able to get out of bed with some pain, but following i walked around a bit, i am ok. That is a great improvement and i hope strongly my mornings will be improving further!

Thank you for your help and looking forward the further benefits i can gain from using your website. Kindest regards, Gabi"
"I think the online community is really helpful. Love feeling that I am able to have much more pain free time, that it's within my control!"
"I'm a skeptic, but also a scientific researcher and have been getting on to this stream of thinking about pain (to some degree) after working for years to figure out my health issues, including chronic pain. I just started using Curable a couple of weeks ago, not spending much time, but spending more in the last week or two, particularly listening to the podcasts and processing what the information could mean for me. I realized in the last couple of days that one side of my neck that has been stuck and tight for a long time is releasing, and after waking up with muscle twitches in my lower legs for months, I woke up this morning without them. They're small symptoms, but they've been consistent for months, so this is a definite departure. I'm cautiously optimistic that this is a sign of things to come, that things will continue to get better. I am struck at how quickly this is happening, even though small, these changes are still drastic in their own right (if that makes any sense - there is a long way to go, I've had a lot of chronic pain for decades, but even these small changes are significant). Perhaps I was ready for this - I'm not sure if I would have been a year ago. *I definitely had some resistance in the beginning about the pain coming from my brain entirely, but Curable does a good job of minimizing that, validating that the pain is real, we're not purposely making it worse.* It's also really hard to convince people, myself included although I'm getting there, that pain can have no physical cause. I still am getting my head around the concern that in not focusing on the pain I may miss out on some physical sign that something is wrong and I need to address it (e.g., early symptom of a progressive disease that needs specific treatment or will get worse) but I'm processing all of the information and testing it against those assumptions...I'll get there. It's clear to me that focusing on it makes it worse and the stress of that could certainly make any underlying condition worse anyway...basically I'm still processing Curable's information and figuring out how it fits with how I've been thinking about my pain. These initial improvements are huge motivation to keep working with Curable, and I've begun recommending it to my friends and family with chronic pain."
"I love your app and the podcasts. What a great service you are doing by putting this out there. I also really like the Facebook group even though I haven't really posted on it. It seems like such an important piece, for people to not feel so isolated in their pain. (I have been terribly isolated in mine) My pain is a very long pattern (52 years) so I know it may take some time. I did a training 3 years ago called Dynamic Neural Retraining System and it decreased my pain by about 40% so I am a firm believer in this work. My hope is that using the app will help me get a little closer to fuller functioning. Thank you so much for your service to this community of people living with chronic pain. "
"I am a trauma psychotherapist and work with a lot of clients who struggle with chronic pain. I recommend your app all the time and have had a very positive response from my clients. It seems safer to them and easier to take in than the Sarno books, so I am very thankful for the app."
"I have had migraine since childhood. I am now in my 60's, had to give up my love of nursing, on disability, missing out on my life. Curable has really helped with realizing and releasing the anger, hatred, and resentment toward the pain. In doing so the migraines are diminishing!!!!! I have been in therapy for chronic pain, it did not help, this program is amazing. I am so grateful!"
"I'm now able to stop my pain almost immediately as soon as it starts, either by using what I d already learned from Curable or by tapping the panic button and listening."
"I am a Breast Cancer survivor - 2 years on the drug Tamoxifen. Had very bad pain in my hips and shooting down my legs. So many of us on the Tamoxifen FB page suffer from same or similar. I posted info on that page about Curable as I truly believe it can help. Keep it coming , you have saved me!!!"
"I feel like the curable app is helping me start a new life. I was an avid athlete who developed debilitating pain 9 years ago. I have spent the last 9 years going from dr to healer to therapist (almost everything) i ended up having 6 surgeries (3 from the head of peripheral nerve department) at Johns Hopkins. That left me with pain that was much greater than I ever had before. I then tried a spinal chord stimulator which didn't work. For three years I was heavily on pain medication and a scooter. In August i decided I was done with the meds and went into treatment to detox. After I got home my neighbor told me about curable. I had read Sarnos book years ago but didn't think it was me because of my tests. i started listening to Curable and a light went off. I know that a majority of my pain is emotional/stress induced. I'm working the tools and know that I am going to continue to improve. I went on a walk for the first time in 8 years. I'm 44, mom of a 7&11 year old. Thank you!"
"I have found the Curable app very user friendly, & setting aside at least half an hour each day to "go within" has halved my pain levels within 1 month....hallelujah! I am truly grateful, thankyou xx"
"It's hard to describe the positive impact Curable has made on my 20+ years of migraines and tension headaches. The word "transformative" comes to mind. 7 weeks ago, I hit rock bottom with an epic (for me) 48+ hour migraine. At the suggestion of my step-sister (who lives with severe chronic facial pain) I checked out Curable*. My neurologist was skeptical but ultimately shrugged and said, "well you might as well try it, it's so low intervention, so why not?" At the end of the free 6 minute demo mindbody meditation where you ask your body "what are you trying to tell me?" I inexplicably burst into sobbing tears. Clearly it had tapped into something...and I was like SIGN ME UP. I've done meditation for years but the Curable meditations are focused slightly differently.

Since starting a daily Curable practice of meditation, writing (gross, but it totally works) and the other exercises, I've had literally 2 tension headaches (which went away with 1 or 2 Advil) and 1 migraine (ironically yesterday) that I'm happy to report was "only" 12 hours and more like migraine-lite in terms of pain & symptoms.

I've decided Curable is kinda like the way my recovery friends describe AA: you'll have to dig deep and do the real work, but just keep coming back, and you'll see the difference."
"I have Restless Leg syndrome so I don't really feel that pain is word that really describes my experience. The feelings of restlessness in my body during the night are extremely uncomfortable and mean that I am permanently sleep deprived. This affects my life. This app has been very helpful. I'm not getting chance to work at the exercises as much as I would like because of work but that should settle. I have no doubt at all that my subconscious has a role to play in all of this.The app is helping me to make sense of that and to really believe that. Would love a bit more variety in the 'panic' section. There only ever seem to be the same 2 options on offer. This means that I've given up using them as they now just see really repetitive. I'm a yoga teacher and have recommended your app to quite a few of my students. The podcasts as great. Loved the interview with Dr Clarke."
"I really enjoy curable, and did recommend it to a friend of mine who suffers from fibromyalgia. Since starting (along with other factors) i have found relief that I hadn't thought possible before. I also introduced it to my neurologist as an app and he was quite interested."
"This app is amazing! I read John Sarno's book and found that alone very helpful but needed to go a step further. Since using curable I'm mostly pain free and when my pain does flare I get back on the app to help calm it down. I also don't spiral out of control into the worry and fear around the pain that I used to have. I've told everyone I come across who makes mention of pain about your app. Thank you thank you for creating this!"
"I love the app ... I'm realising it will be a slow journey for me, but slowly understanding more about the contributing factors to pain is certainly something I'm excited about. Thank you for being the catalyst that will hopefully change my life and body forever :)"
"I love this app, it's the most effective thing I've ever found to control pain, or even some days get rid of it completely. I feel like I'm getting back some control of my life and my joy."
"The most important thing I have learned is how to change my relationship to pain. Also, the neuroscience part is extremely helpful. I am changing how I regard pain so I don't identify with it quite so much. I am changing the words I use to talk about pain, which is helping me alter/shift/decrease the grooves in my brain that heretofore have deepened the pain pathways."
"I loved being able to check the app out first. It was the 1st time I heard of Dr Sarno and so googled him, this made me feel confident to join, it was the message I had been waiting for. Within a few days I noticed a change in pain levels, I had a few ups and downs but after about 4 weeks I'm about 80% better. I love the Facebook community too. There are a couple of things I would change slightly but overall it's one of the best things I've come across. Thank you!!"
"I have had chronic migraines for 15 years and was recently diagnosed with POTS and have had 4 surgeries in the past 5 years (back and for severe endometriosis). This app has given me hope as I've stopped taking opioids but still have a lot of pain everyday. I haven't gotten that far in the app so I haven't seen much of a change yet in pain levels but it has given me hope and something to turn too when I'm overwhelmed with my pain and I have nothing to help stop it. I really love the podcasts and recovery stories. What's so hard for me is that my family and friends don't quite understand how psychologically hard to is to deal with chronic pain everyday for years. I've tried to explain the curable app and some of the things I've learned in the podcasts to them but I don't think I'm explaining it right. It would be awesome if you guys could help with a podcast or some kind of exercise to help with explaining chronic pain and the neuoscience/ mind-body connection to family/ friends. It's taken a huge toll on my marriage, family and friendships and I wish I could explain to people better how it effects me. Maybe you already have something like this but I haven't gotten that far! Either way THANK YOU so much for developing this app. I was at the end of my rope about a month ago and this has helped give me hope to keep fighting. You've made a difference in my life."
"I'm really excited about what I have learnt via Curable, I feel more in control knowing that it is there for me to dip in and out of. I feel empowered rather than passive around the pain. I feel generally genuinely happier. I really feel that I can achieve much more than I thought I could before, it is life changing... I do not need to stop doing things or be afraid. I have decided to worry a whole lot less!! I have already recommended it to a friend. Thank you so much."
"Curable made a difference pretty much immediately for me! I've been asking my neurologists for non- pharmaceutical answers for years, to no avail. I've also gone to physiologists, but it didn't impact my pain. I was so ready for this and was just waiting for it to come along!"
"I have persistent (20 plus years) nerve pain in both lower legs, ankles and feet..that seems related to bulging discs...I also am 9 weeks post-op from an abdominal hysterectomy which was supposed to be the solution for chronic pelvic pain and pain down my inner thighs, this pain persists. The community is helpful. Learning more about the emotions and perfectionism and how they relate to pain. I'm still fairly new to the app and have been sidetracked from it I appreciate getting emails and updates to keep me connected. The facebook group is really helpful to not feel so alone. Thanks."
"Some things from my past as a child have come to my conscious memory and that has been helping me to understand why my brain is wired the way it is. I'm meditating everyday and trying to retrain my brain. Very helpful."
"I love Curable and tell everybody about it. I am almost ready to share my story.. Keep doing what you are doing. You are giving people their lives back."
"This app has been extremely helpful for my chronic endometriosis pain."
"I use your app for pain that has a cause, which I don't think is what you intended. I want to say how much it's helped me and my relationship with my body, even though I know the pain won't go away completely. I've never paid for an app, or subscribed to something like this but I see it as essential now. As essential as my mobile phone contract or my prescription. It's something I'm committed to and feel is now a part of my life when I need it. I'm grateful for what you've created and really for using the internet and technology in a way it hasn't really been used so far. It feels like a new age of technology and almost like it's grown up a bit. Thanks"
"The App has saved me ! Although I'm still working on my situation it has been a game changer. Thank you all at curable"
"I was recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and in the short period leading up to, and since, my diagnosis I felt like my life was falling apart. I was miserable, and doctors were shrugging at me, basically telling me this was my new normal. I've changed several things in my life, and this program has been an integral piece of reclaiming who I am. There's no cure for my disorder but this really takes the edge off and makes me feel, for the first time in a long time, that I have some control over my body."
"I have had chronic pain for 16 years. You've caught me at a low point - it was my birthday yesterday which marks another year of pain. If you had told me 16 years ago I would still have this pain, I'm not sure how I would have made it to this point. I've spent so many years not in control of my body, doing everything the doctors have asked, from taking medication, applying creams, surgery, yoga, acupuncture, meditation - all of which have helped but not cured. I spent some time with the Curable programme today. It helped. This is the first time I truly believe that I can be cured. I am hopeful for the future. I am taking my brain to task."
"I've just completed one month without taking a single migraine tablet or even an aspirin. Every time I've had a headache come on (still more than two thirds of days in the month) I have managed to dispel the pain using a combination of Curable strategies. It must be 10 years since I had a medication free month. Amazing!"
"Your work has, quite literally, changed my life. My only frustration is why anyone would be skeptical of this approach. I am a counsellor in private practice in the UK and cannot stop talking about your app."
"The programme is giving me the feeling that I have real support and tools that I can use to steer away from migraine pain. With your help , I now envision the pain as my lovely old mastiff dog , who had been badly treated before he came to us, but was intensely loyal and protective with me. Just as he growled and snarled inappropriately, thinking to protect me, I can see that the pain is often trying to remove me from a situation or "protect " me. I now picture going to my old dog and soothing him until he calms down and relaxes. He was called Arthur, so now I think of my amygdala as Arthur and feel that I have the ability to soothe the pain as I could soothe my lovely, over protective dog. I would never have thought of this kind of envisioning without your help. Thank you so much."
"I like being able to turn to Curable instead of a medication bottle. Controlling my pain is a work in progress and I believe Curable has given me the tools to do so. Thank you, Curable!!!"
"I really like what you have done with the latest update. Now I can choose an exercise to fit the time frame I have available.I have had some degree of fibromyalgia pain for over 20 years. Using Curable has helped to dampen that pain."
"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago and have tried different medications. Curable has given me better pain relief than the prescriptions ever did. I also suffer from migraines. I would get one every 1 -2 weeks. Since using Curable, I made it 28 days straight without an attack. That included my period - which ALWAYS brought on an attack. I haven't have a period without a migraine in 20+ years. Curable gave me a migraine-free period!!! That's huge!!! I did have an attack recently, but I'm still encouraged and excited to stick with Curable and see how much more my overall pain issues improve."
"Love the app and the podcast - thank you all so much for this invaluable resource! I wish I'd had it during my initial acute phase but it's still working wonders a few years on!"
"I'm going back to work after almost 3 years. I see a therapist and I was a therapist in Argentina before I moved here. For me, it is more about ignoring the signals my brain gets and keep on moving. It is the first time that I believe that I can heal myself."
"I have had migraines for over twenty years. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for about seven years. At times, I have taken more than two dozen pills a day to try to control the pain. My pain has affected my life, my work, my family, my ability to be a good wife and mother, my ability to do the things I want, and basically every aspect of my life. I used to have to think about my pain 24/7 because no matter what I was doing, I knew that my pain would have some effect on my actions. I have several family members with migraines, but none as bad as mine. I had completely given up the hope that my pain would ever get any better. While I have never been suicidal (my Faith is what keeps me going when nothing else can), there have been times when I was in so much pain that I would go to bed at night and hope that I wouldn't wake up in the morning; I just wanted it to be over. I actually wished to get cancer. If I had cancer, at least I would know that at some time the pain would end. All I had to look forward to was a lifetime of unending, incurable, constant pain. Forever. I have a page long (single spaced, two columns) list of medications that I have tried that didn't work for me. I had absolutely no hope that things would ever get better. For me, "hope" was a curse; a "four letter word." Then, my eight-year-old daughter began getting an occasional headache. I do not have words to describe what I was feeling. I began to read about the brain science that Curable talks about, but only found little bits. Then, a cousin sent me the link to an article about the Curable app. It made perfect sense with what I had been reading and experiencing. The testimonials were so similar to my experience. I signed up for the app, thinking that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's only been a couple months, and I do still have migraines. However, I am seeing improvement in my pain that I have not seen yet in my treatment history. A seed of hope has been planted. I feel like I may actually be able to get better. More importantly, I think I can help my daughter so that she will never be in this position. Already I am able to do more in my life; I don't have to plan everything around the pain. If this is what I've seen after just a couple months, the future - yes, the future gives me hope."
"I'm in my early 30's, managing a few life long conditions- Ehlers Danlos, PCOS, asthma, sleep apnea, endometriosis, gastroparesis, colonic inertia. I've multiple organ prolapse and a paralysed digestive system. I've had collapsed lungs, lots of surgeries and more hospital admissions than I can count. I have a bowel Stoma and use a number of medical devices. I have deteriorating spinal conditions and painful joints- AND..I LOVE my life!!

I thrive from learning and helping others. Curable has been a great part of my journey and it will continue to be a respected and appreciated aspect of my management plan. It gives me hope and understanding- it empowers me to be the best version of myself.

I love the education process that supports my situation - I've made friends with my pain and understand it's a reminder that I am alive. I am stronger than most realise, I know that my pain isn't a threat, and that I can live a rewarding life free of fear. I appreciate the breathing exercises that help wind my nervous system down and love to listen to the associated podcasts. I love the resources that I can print and keep in my journal. I'm most thankful that I was referred to this APP- it really is a game changer!

Thank you to everyone involved in the curable app- creators, managers, researchers and users.

Be the change!"
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