The Fear-Busting Package

Break out of the Pain-Fear cycle once and for all with two intensive 90-minute workshops.

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The Workshops

Gain access to our two most popular Curable Groups workshops, Disarming Your Danger System and Breaking Out Of Chronic Fear.

Disarming Your Danger System

Overcome fear and learn how to cultivate a sense of safety in your brain and body through simple, effective tools. This workshop will provide you with tools, education, and exercises around:

  • How the Brain Processes Fear
  • The Fear-Danger Link
  • How to Detect False Danger Alarms
  • How to Distinguish Between Physical Threats and Emotional Threats
  • How to Cultivate an Ongoing Sense of Safety

Reprogram your pain patterns, triggers, and habits with strategies that will last you a lifetime. This workshop will take you through:

  • How the Body 'Learns' Pain
  • How Hypervigilence and Hypersensitivity Develop Over Time
  • How to Decondition Hypervigilence and Hypersensitivity
  • How to Overcome Fear of Movement
  • 6 Techniques for a Fear-Free Recovery

"The workshops were incredible. They were jam-packed with insightful material, relevant resources and scientific evidence and hands-on exercise. I learned SO much and am grateful to also have access to these resources for life!"

- Mayme, Curable Groups Graduate

Strategies Backed by Science

All of the strategies introduced in our workshops are tried and true tools used regularly by the board-certified physicians in Curable's Scientific Advisory Board. In addition to these strategies, the workshops will review specific scientific studies that reinforce the ideas you'll be learning about.

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Disarming Your Danger System

Breaking Out of Chronic Fear

"The workshop content was amazing and really shined such a valuable light on where my pain came from, why I have it, and all the various factors that contribute towards it. The content alone was worth every penny!"

- Curable Groups Graduate


90-Minute Video Workshop
Disarming Your Danger System

Hands-on video workshop which includes education, interactive exercises, and a closing meditation.

90-Minute Video Workshop
Breaking Out Of Chronic Fear

Hands-on video workshop which includes education, interactive exercises, and a closing meditation.

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