Free Pain-Busting Tools
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Designed to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Pain

Happy Holidays from Your Curable Family ❤️

As a gift from us, please enjoy temporary free access to the suite of tools below and a temporary 50% markdown of the Curable app healing program, which features 100+ tools like these.

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Printable Holiday Activity Book

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Tools for Setting Boundaries

Clear boundaries are the best holiday recipe for peace of mind (and body!).

Why Boundary-Setting Is Critical to Healing

Struggling to set boundaries with your family and friends? This quick audio lesson makes a compelling case for why (nd how) you should do it anyway.

Boundary-Setting Meditation

Use this vivid meditation to create your "boundary bubble": a place where your energy is safe no matter what is happening around you.

Tools for Taking Pressure Off Yourself

Learn to reach for compassion instead of perfection.

The Link Between Perfectionism and Pain

Learn how striving for perfection changes the way your brain processes information (and physical cues!).

Self Compassion Meditation

Use this meditation to imagine a tiny ball of light that can help release feelings of guilt, shame, and self-imposed pressure from your body.

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Curable's Approach to Healing

When pain persists, becoming “chronic,” it also becomes more complex. Modern pain research shows that psychological and emotional elements can play a major role. These non-physical components can help the brain “learn” to be in pain, re-wiring the body’s neural circuitry to perpetuate the sensation of pain.

With proper therapeutic attention the brain can "unlearn" pain, paving the way to physical pain relief. Research shows that methods like education, writing, meditation, visualization, and cognitive behavioral therapy can successfully help the brain to stop this recurring pain cycle.

Curable incorporates this modern research into easily accessible education and exercises that help you break the pain cycle and find relief from chronic pain.