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Why It’s Okay to Be Skeptical About Healing

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When it comes to healing, do you need to believe that there is only one “right path” for you? Dr. Lilia Graue doesn’t think so. In this episode, she shares her take on how skepticism and uncertainty can be welcomed in as a natural part of the healing journey.

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This episode is hosted by Christie Uipi, LCSW, Executive Director of the Better Mind Center.

Christie: Can you share your thoughts on the idea of “buy-in” and the pressure patients feel to accept the mindbody nature of their pain?

Lilia: Absolutely, this is actually something that I am really passionate about. I don’t view buy-in as a prerequisite or a goal. It’s okay to be skeptical, in fact it's a great thing to be skeptical. Can we, at the same time as being skeptical, open up space for curiosity and irreverence in terms of what we think we know or take as a given and bring a willingness or openness to engage with practices in a spirit or exploration and discovery? I know that for providers there is a lot of pressure because there is a segment of knowledge that tells us that when a patient believes in a diagnosis or a course of treatment, the result is better. We know that when there is a shared understanding and both provider and patient believe this can help then we are better able to recruit the mechanisms of what is sometimes known as the placebo response, meaning-making, or remembered wellness. So why not spend some time co-creating a shared understanding of possibilities instead of trying to insert and put pressure on accepting a single narrative?

For me, the presence or suspicion of a medical diagnosis outside of neuroplastic pain doesn’t preclude engaging in the work wholeheartedly and experiencing tremendous benefits not only in terms of pain but for our whole life.

[this is an excerpt only - for full response, listen to the podcast at the link above]

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Christie Uipi, LCSW

Christie is the executive director and founder of The Better Mind Center. She is a member of Curable's Scientific Advisory Board who has dedicated her entire career to helping people with chronic symptoms heal through a mindbody approach. Avid Like Mind, Like Body listeners might also recognize Christie from a previous episode of the podcast where she was on the other side of the microphone.

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