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Finding Hope in the Darkness

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Years ago, Dan received a cancer diagnosis. He underwent major surgery to remove the tumor from his spinal cord, but his life changed drastically when he woke up paralyzed from the chest down. Although his sensation eventually returned, it brought excruciating pain along with it. Join us to hear how Dan went from daily pain levels of 8-10 to a near full recovery in one year.

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What do you think was resonating with your body that allowed you to let go of that pain so quickly?

I think that firstly I recognized that I had the personality traits that are very common with chronic pain sufferers. This mindbody connection, I had never heard of it, so it was all new learning to me. Like pretty much everyone else in the western world, if you have a pain or you have a problem you take some pills and you expect to be fine. So this was all new stuff to me obviously, but I recognized the personality traits and I also recognized that deep down there was some historic emotional trauma that I was keeping locked away.

Ultimately, yes of course I had pain to start with, and that was a very physical pain: cancer pain. However, the pain kept going on in this cycle of pain because I was traumatized. The whole thing was like PTSD. I had gone into the hospital a fit, active, and worried 48 year old man and I came out of the hospital and I couldn’t walk. It was the most traumatic thing. I think that I picked up quite early on that it was an emotionally driven pain and that somehow I needed to unclog it or manipulate it and work it out of me because that was the way that the pain was going to be released. I made that connection with the help of the Curable app. It’s not just a physical thing, it's an emotional thing.

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