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Free Guided Meditation for Pain

This guided meditation is from the Curable app. You can also find this meditation on our podcast, and listen to it on iTunes or Google Play.


This guided meditation will help you witness the way that your body stores emotion and stress. You will be guided to connect the physical sensations in your body with the thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be keeping these sensations stuck. This awareness provides a great foundation to work through the core issues that may be contributing to your experience of physical pain.

This 15-minute guided meditation is a part of the Curable app. If you’d like to build upon the realizations you’ve experienced during this meditation, consider a subscription to Curable for hundreds of exercises and techniques like this one. You can start using Curable for free today by tapping the button below.

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Curable is an online program that uses proven mindbody techniques to reduce chronic pain.

What kind of pain is this meditation for?

This is a guided meditation for chronic pain, including back pain, body pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, hand pain, wrist pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, IBS pain, hip pain, joint pain, nerve pain, pelvic pain, stomach pain, sciatica, and more. All pain is processed in the brain and can benefit greatly from examining the brain’s role in pain. This meditation is also well suited to pain that does not have a structural component, where the pain persists in the absence of tissue damage.

What will this meditation do?

This guided mediation will provide a different experience for everyone based on their unique pain factors. Some will experience this as a pain relief meditation, where it opens up the brain to make new associations, and the pain simply melts away. Others will experience this as a pain management meditation, where it’s used on a regular basis to check in with the body and identify the psychological factors that might be related to a physical symptom. This can also be used as a healing meditation that will bring awareness and understanding to past traumas and the impact they have on the body.

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Try Curable Now!
Curable is an online program that uses proven mindbody techniques to reduce chronic pain.