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How to Create a Safe Space for Healing

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Have you ever felt that you simply don’t have the time, resources, or emotional bandwidth that it would take to heal? You’re not alone. In fact, according to Dr. Trung Ngo, this is one of the most common barriers to healing success.

From his experiences as a refugee from Vietnam to his clinical work with complex, chronic diseases, Dr. Ngo has gained a deep understanding of the process of overcoming hardships. His personal and professional experiences have ultimately led him to investigating “resilience”, a new field of research that is opening up different avenues of care for people who struggle with chronic pain.

On this episode, Dr. Ngo shares an exciting new tool he’s using with patients to help them create a safe space for healing in their environment: “The Weave.”

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For many years you have practiced what you call a resilience approach to health care and to helping people who are in pain. What does that mean, and what does it look like?

Generally speaking, resilience is the capacity to positively adapt to challenges. I'll use an analogy to illustrate this concept.

Imagine that you're driving on the highway of life. If there's a problem with your car during the journey (and we’re talking specifically about pain here) you need to stop the car, get out, assess what’s wrong and fix it. The fix is the neuroplastic work that Curable talks about.

But do you have the capacity to make your way through traffic to get to a place that’s safe to stop and get out of the car? That’s a question of resilience. A lot of people who are able to do the neuroplastic work get better. But what about those people who can’t even get to it?

When we try to help people make their way through traffic, we look at internal and external factors. Internal factors are things like:

External factors are things like:

These examples of internal factors represent things such as meaning and purpose in life, awareness, communication skills, ability to be flexible. And the examples of external factors represent your environment. Is it toxic or is it calm? Your support systems - do you have a mentor to guide you in things? Do you have a lot of opportunities to rest and relax? Is there access to quality healthcare? Do you have access to material resources such as time and money to help you?

What we do is we take a look at a person’s life, or help them to take a look at their lives, at both internal as well as external factors. Then we help them to see which ones are useful and aren’t so useful to them, and how to change them in a meaningful way so they can finally do the work to rewire their brain and their nervous system, to get them out of pain.

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