Journey to Recovery

Below are experiences some real pain sufferers are having with the Curable program. It's important to note that pain is unique to each person, so not everybody will experience identical results.
Josh recovered from chronic pain using the Curable app


"The app is an amazing tool. Pain is gone for the most part with some lingering numbness in fingers. It probably would be gone completely if I had more time to focus on it!"
Josh recovered from chronic pain using the Curable app


"The deeper I dive in, the more hopeful I become...I can see it [recovery], and I’m hopeful for the first time in my life and it’s all because of an app."
Allison's life was changed by Curable


“This is all I wanted over the last 10 years, to give myself an explanation, because none of the other traditional diagnoses could fit me... This stuff works and I'm just so glad to share my success story. I can finally tell everyone that I'm recovering."
Jill is a mother and writer that was cured of her migraines of over 30 year


“I had an idea that psychological and emotional stressors were linked to physical symptoms, but I didn’t know the science behind it. Thanks to Curable not only did I understand the science, but I revealed past limiting beliefs about myself and was able to start recovering more effectively and get off my walking cane."
Paul reviews the Curable app for chronic pain


"The Curable App, along with the companion Like Mind, Like Body podcast, have been a cornerstone in the treatment of my ongoing chronic pain symptoms (and better yet, treatment of the causes). Plain and simple, I would not be able to maintain the business travel schedule I do without the addition of Curable to my toolset. I maintain a debt of gratitude to the entire team at Curable."

"[Curable is] a really a fantastic product ... [the pain] bothers me a little but it’s about 2% of what it once was! There was a time when I was dosed up on painkillers just to leave the house and couldn’t sit without pain." - Charlie

"My progress has been slow but steady, and I'm happy to have much less back pain than I did several months back. I'm so grateful to have a guided system that really works (after years of hours and dollars spent at the chiropractor that did not have sustainable results)." - Davy

"Curable has changed my life. The back pain that decimated my wellbeing for the past two years has been brought to near zero." - Arun

"I have been using the app for the last month and I am finding benefits already, I have chronic pain for the last 9 years as a result of hand surgery and finally there is light at the end of tunnel." - Kevin

"I am really grateful for this app, as it has truly unlocked my healing ... I would recommend this to anyone in chronic pain." - Elaine

"Best thing ever! Game changer! Telling everyone I know!" - Jordanna

"These techniques go far beyond managing pain - they will change your whole life if you let them. You will learn how to manage your emotional responses and not be controlled by them, as long as you're prepared to put in the work to do it." - Caroline

"I love this app and have recommended it to several friends! For me it's not the intensity of my pain but the chronicity and fear associated with it that stresses me the most. So, my pain is not super intense but it's chronic and very distressing (chest injury). Curable has helped me get some control over my pain. Thank you!" - Margaret

"It's been 2 months since I started using the app. I've hardly taken any pain medication in that time & haven't been bedridden at all. I'm at the 'can this really be true?' phase :)" - Libby

"I am a former nurse I have been a ping pong ball in the traditional health care system. A system that although it has its place, it was unable to help my chronic issues. I am so grateful for your app & all it entails. For the first time in years I am making progress & all thanks goes to Curable! I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, in that Kansas (my health) resides within me & is attainable. Thank you Curable for the key that unlocked the Emerald City!" - Melea

"I’m surprised by how much better I feel since starting the Curable program. I was skeptical that it could help me. Over the years I’ve tried so many different strategies (physical modalities, alternative healing, spirituality, counseling, and etc!) without much improvement in my pain and anxiety ... Before starting the Curable program I didn’t believe that my brain could be causing my pain. It felt like blame and shame to accept that I was responsible for my pain. Now that I understand how the brain creates these neural pain pathways I’m able to quit shaming myself and be open to ways to heal it ... I feel more in control of my pain for the first time. I know I’ve still got more work to do but the results I’m seeing are promising. I do believe that if I continue to apply what I’m learning I will continue to get better!" - Marian

"I have been struggling with severe post concussion syndrome for almost 2 years (sensitivity to computer and tv screens/flashing light environments) which has caused a lot of pain (headaches and feeling like in a fog) and after downloading this app I have made so many break throughs - and my pain has gone down significantly. I have watched a movie for the first time in 2 years without pain! I am still working on getting to 100%, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I will get there. Thank you for making this app!!" - Sandra

"I love this app! It is like I have a pain counselor in my pocket, and that is something that anyone in chronic pain would say is beyond valuable. I love how it changes your relationship with pain, and can move as quickly or as slowly as you want it to. I love the podcasts so much, the only thing I wish is that there were a new podcast every week because now that I've listened to them all I miss the mental boost a new one gives me. Thank you so much for what you are doing. It is truly a piece of the puzzle that has been missing in my life.” - Bryn

"I really enjoy the app, and have seen a noticeable improvement in the frequency of my migraines, from once every two days to once every 7-9 days ... It is a really wonderful program that has me rethinking my experience of pain, and I do think it helps ... thank you sincerely for making Curable available and affordable to chronic pain sufferers like me." - Emily

"It's been 11 days since I've taken any Advil ... It's all working. This is a brilliant, well-constructed program. It has given me hope. There's no greater gift." - Mark

"So far things have really been improving thanks to y'all! I've actually been able to cut back my [medication] at night and have more energy during the day as a result." - Marianne

"I am feeling better. Your app has given me coping mechanisms to lessen my stress and pain." - Lynna

"I’m finding that the Curable app is very effective. Since I started using it almost a month ago I’ve only had bad pain on four different days. This is much less than before. There are times when I feel it starting up and I recall some of the strategies in the lessons so far and it subsides. Nothing else that I’ve tried has helped as much in years and I’m very grateful, and will continue to work my way through it." - Kathryn

I'm very pleasantly surprised by how well Curable is working for me. Thank you for allowing plenty of room for those of us who are skeptics after multiple years of complex pain. It was reassuring to be able to take small steps and be presented with diverse strategies, like there's some story that will resonate with everyone and a learning style for each type. Truthfully, I'm quite shocked as to the great leaps forward Curable has brought. Connections, ah hah moments, and root issues I've not been able to make otherwise - even in a few years of therapy. Progress is still progress even when it's not pretty." - Helen

"I am getting a lot out of the program. I have suffered for YEARS with chronic unwellness, mostly excruciating and largely unexplainable back pain ... things are going well and I feel hopeful that after decades of living in pain, I am getting better!" - Tina

"I have found the program vey useful and have found that it has made a real difference to my back pain even in this short time. I am doing more and am less worried about doing stuff as I feel more confident that I can manage any pain that comes along." - Alison

" A facebook friend posted a link for Curable, and I am SO glad that I decided to try it. My pain has gone WAY down. I no longer feel the pain along the left side of my body. I've had two or three migraines in the past month (rather than every day); they go away once I take [my medication]. I'm having mild headaches almost every day, but they go away with two Advil pills. I feel significantly less afraid of my pain, and feel like I know that I'll be able to manage it once it does come." - Dulcie

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"This app has been a game changer for my chronic migraines. I had tried chiropractor, acupuncture, organic diet, elimination diet, physical therapy, supplements, yoga, meditation and a lot more. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Rupa, Years of Migraine
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