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Chronic Pain No More

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"I don’t consider myself to have chronic pain anymore.” This is a sentence you don’t expect to hear from a friend who has experienced decades of unexplained symptoms. For Phil, however, it’s exactly what happened. Tune in to hear how Phil’s struggles with back pain, neck pain, and fibromyalgia led him to the physical, mental, and emotional healing journey of a lifetime.

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How did you feel once you started connecting your emotions to your pain? Was it a big a-ha moment for you?

It really was. Finding Curable in general was a massive a-ha moment that suddenly made it all make sense. I already had this recognition that there was something going on that wasn't physical, that was like my thoughts and my fear and my focus on the pain. But what curable gave me was the emotional part and that was the missing link for me. So I was in pain and I was focusing on it and that was making it worse but I didn't understand the "why" of why I was experiencing this chronic pain in the first place. Discovering Curable, learning about the pain science, learning about the mindbody connection and the emotional element was absolutely a lightbulb moment for me. It made so much sense because, as I said, the link the was so clear and that made it really easy for me to believe it and buy in to the whole mindbody connection. I immediately knew that it was right and that It was what I needed.

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